Foreign media: Britain's new prime minister to intervene in the British nuclear power projects in China postponed

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Foreign media: Britain's new prime minister to intervene in the British nuclear power projects in China postponed

2016-08-03 04:30:50 329 ℃

British Prime Minister Theresa may lead the new British government recently delayed the Sino French cooperation in investment of British Hinkley point nuclear power project contract signing ceremony. British media reported that the British government or the fall will be on whether to approve the project to make a final decision.

British "Financial Times" reports Sensational: Theresa May's decision is the predecessor of Mr Cameron government in China as a key investment and strategic partnership to a heavy blow.

However, in an interview with Xinhua news agency, said the new government in the aftermath of the earthquake came to power in the United Kingdom faced many issues, the last major projects left by the government is cautious attitude. But in view of the UK's own interests in the post de Europe, the Sino British relationship is unlikely because of a moment of frustration and setbacks.

[last] shut down

The signing ceremony of Hinkley point nuclear power plant C project contract was scheduled to be held in July 29th. However, at the end of the time, the British energy secretary Greg Clark announced that the British government will seriously consider all components of this project, and make the final decision in the fall of this year. According to Clark, the UK needs a secure and reliable energy supply, and the government believes that nuclear power is an important part of it.

The British government this decided to let the outside world imagination, analysts believe that the new British government on infrastructure, energy supply and foreign investment attitude may be changing.

July 30, Reuters quoted the British government news reports said that it was Theresa May my intervention, to delay the start of Hinkley point c nuclear power projects. According to the Financial Times reported that Teresa may have told French President Nicolas Hollande, she needs time to determine whether the nuclear power project is in line with the interests of the United kingdom.

Analysis of Wang Yiwei, a professor of international relations at Renmin University of China, said Trevor shamei previously in charge of internal affairs, conservative style, and off the European matters now is the focus of the new government, so she to nuclear power in this kind of major foreign investment projects will certainly more cautious, also need more time to hearing and balance in the domestic political needs and avoid undue haste.

Cui Hongjian, director of the Institute of European Studies at the China Institute of international studies, said the decision by the British government of the new government is not surprising. The public justification for the UK is to re evaluate the project. However, we should note that, although Theresa May, the new prime minister, came to power after the said will adhere to the predecessor of Mr Cameron government on foreign welcome attitude and also the analysis thinks, Britain's new government will be more cautious approach to foreign investment.

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group and the French power group in October last year announced a strategic investment agreement common construction and operation of Hinkley point c nuclear power station. According to the agreement, CGN led a Chinese consortium and the French power group accounted for the nuclear power plant project in shares of 33.5% and 66.5%. The construction cost of the first phase of the project is expected to reach 18 billion pounds (about 28 billion U.S. dollars).

[worry about nuclear safety? ]

Position in the county of Somerset of Hinkley point c nuclear power station is Britain for more than 20 years to the first new nuclear power plant project, after completion of meet the UK 7% of the electricity demand. September 2015 British Chancellor of the Osborn when he visited China announced that the British government will give the project 2 billion pounds (about 3 billion 100 million U.S. dollars) in the construction of a security agreement. The Ministry of finance has said, this will be an unprecedented cooperation in the development of Sino British nuclear power plant to open the door".

In fact, for the nuclear power project, the United Kingdom has always been opposed to the sound, mainly related to the environment, high costs, as well as national security concerns.

Li Jingkun, director of the European Institute of political research at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the reason why the new government to suspend the project, it should also be out of these three concerns. "A new government review of the previous government project is a normal phenomenon," she said. "But it also from one side reflects differences within the British government."

Cui Hongjian also said that the nuclear power plant this kind of safety related construction projects, the United Kingdom has been divided, so the new government came to power to deal with domestic opposition to the sound may be more cautious. In recent years, especially after the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan, Europe has a sound that nuclear power is not safe, some countries, such as Germany and even the comprehensive to nuclear power". Due to the weakening of the British energy supply in Beihai, the United Kingdom on nuclear power to hold an open attitude.

Theresa May spokesman declined to comment on national security is to reevaluate the Hinkley point nuclear power projects to be considered, she said, Britain is still on the enterprise take open attitude and hope to continue to attract foreign investment.

Wang Yiwei believes that in terms of civilian nuclear technology, China has more than and 30 nuclear power plants for many years the successful experience of safe operations, while the French nuclear power technology is also developed in the most advanced. "Double strong joint, should not become the British government's concerns."

CGNPC currently in the transport of nuclear motor group reach 16 units, total installed capacity reached 17.09 million kilowatts, becoming France, Russia, the United States, South Korea after world fifth big nuclear power enterprises in Guangdong Nuclear Power Group in January this year, foreign bulletin said. At the same time, the group in the construction of 12 units, with a total installed capacity of 14 million 650 thousand kilowatts, accounting for 1/5 of the world's total construction of nuclear power, to continue to maintain the world's largest nuclear power construction status.

[two points demonstration effect]

The British government made the decision to postpone the approval of the, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group in July 29, also issued a statement said, given on the Hinkley point C project for Britain's future importance of energy security, the new British government said need time to familiarize yourself with the project, we expressed understanding and respect. CGN is ready, and strategic partner of French power group together, continue to promote the project, to provide a safe, secure and sustainable energy for the UK.

The French power group business in the UK chief executive officer Vincent Levitz in an open letter to the staff said, he to employees, the local community and suppliers face uncertain regret, but the understanding of Britain's new cabinet takes "a little time".

Cui Jian said that if the Hinkley point C project success will have two demonstration effect: first of all, this is the tripartite cooperation model in the West in the field of nuclear power in order to explore the, funds of China, France and Britain's market is "model projects", with a demonstration effect; the, the project is Chinese enterprises to enter the Western nuclear power market for the first time, with the benchmark significance.

Cui Hongjian think, believe that the next, the British and French three parties will be on this project to further discuss, and strive to promote the development of this project.

"Golden age" in the case of Hom? ]

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying August 1, said that the Chinese pay attention to the British government decided to temporarily postpone is Hinkley point nuclear power project to make the final decision. "I would like to emphasize that the project is in English, French and third party in the spirit of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation to reach the spirit, has always been the strong support of the British and the French side. I hope the British side to make a decision as soon as possible, to ensure the smooth implementation of the project."

Theresa May, a spokesman for the August 1, also said that the new government wants to carefully examine the Hinkley point nuclear power project plans, the British still attached to relations with China. China has played an important role in world affairs, the global economy and a series of international issues, she said, and the United Kingdom will continue to seek to establish a strong relationship with China.

"On the whole, the British support for free trade, foreign capital to open attitude tendency will not change," said Cass expert Li Jingkun.

She believes that no matter how the final result of Hinkley point project, which of the Sino British Relations to do not have a substantial impact. "First of all, foreign relations and foreign policy is continuity, inertia, in English between the two countries in recent years to cooperation in all areas of significant progress, especially trade and the financial sector has been the good relationship is to decide the future of bilateral relations continue to maintain friendly posture based."

Secondly, for their own interests, the UK will pay more attention to the development of closer economic and trade relations with China. "If the British in the reach of the more favorable agreement with the EU negotiations cannot, it to the third party other than the market demand and cooperation will enhance, the trade dependence on China's export market will increase," Li Jingkun accept reporter to interview, said, "the future of Sino British cooperation opportunities, if not increase, at least not less."

She said that the Sino British Relations in the period from 2014 to 2015 ushered in the golden age, and this period is not completely smooth sailing, there are still twists and turns and friction. "This for any bilateral relationship are normal, need a rational treatment, don't because of a moment of frustration and over interpretation, jump assertion."

Source: Xinhua News Agency