Andouble of wits, threatened by the enemy, "the central bank faces helicopter crash?

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Andouble of wits, threatened by the enemy, "the central bank faces helicopter crash?

2016-08-03 04:31:04 361 ℃

Abe took office in 2012 in the implementation of the Abe economics at present still can not see the Japanese economy out the bottom of hope, a simple monetary and fiscal stimulus effect is not obvious, Japan may also need to push forward the reform. Speeding up the strategy of the national special economic zone. Prior to the day, Andouble said in a speech in Fukuoka, the government's economic stimulus plan will be more than 28 trillion yen. Of which 13 trillion yen stimulus funds will be used for fiscal stimulus. Stimulus measures will include the central government and local government spending and loan projects. Japan's economy to finalize a new round of stimulus plan. The industry said the helicopter to spread the money"!

The United States is helplessly decline of the Japanese economy, but do not have the ability to to save, let Abe made a cornered measure, vigorously implement Abe economics tries to pull the Japanese economy out of the bottom, using monetary and fiscal stimulus, continue to promote the reform. Speeding up the strategy of the national special economic zone. It is worth mentioning that, in March this year, the Federal Reserve Chairman Bo Bernanke has led a group of American economists to Japan and Andouble talks to discuss the issue of Japan's economy. At that time, the market speculation Abe will adopt Bernanke's "helicopter money" strategy, more monetary stimulus. It seems that Andouble has a rainy day, expect the US will eventually abandon Japan in spite of!

Must protect themselves, Andouble massive money printing by this way, trying to adjust monetary policy stance. Permanent increase in monetary base! To consolidate the position of the Japanese currency in the market. In the future, the government may be reluctant to restore the monetary financing ban, which could trigger a systemic collapse of the threat if the money day after day, people will soon be in panic, and forget the value of money. No matter what the buyer wants to do, the seller must protect themselves, ask the buyer to pay gold or foreign currency. When you look back at these policies, it's easy to see that there are always people who are losers. The government needs to introduce bold fiscal stimulus measures. Through this directly to consumers money is likely to last trick, but if that doesn't work, then bow to no huitoujian, Japanese economy will directly facing a total collapse.

As former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan warned that the Bank of Japan regardless of the consequences of put money into the market, pushed up in risk assets, will also lead to market comprehensive malignant inflation risks were rising, then the investment market will once again good gold trend. In addition, once the Bank of Japan was forced to implement the helicopter money policy, which means that Japan's economic situation has deteriorated, the Fed's monetary policy is also an obstacle to the process of normalization. That is to say, this policy will actually hinder the interest rate hike, this is an important opportunity for investors. Text / spot financial management, investment WeChat c2646255440