2016 visa in the second half of the new regulations! Visa free, your passport and the appreciation of it!

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2016 visa in the second half of the new regulations! Visa free, your passport and the appreciation of it!

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2016 in the second half of the new provisions of the state

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Chinese mainland residents with valid passport in advance for Thailand tourist visa, the visa fee of 230 yuan.

At the same time, whether it is from the domestic direct, or from a third country or region to Thailand, Chinese citizens can have at least 6 months valid passport valid for 15 days of landing visa.


Nepal in January 2016, the Chinese tourists from the visa fee.

To all kinds of valid passport can be in Kathmandu Tribhuvan international airport immigration locations such as visa on arrival, and no requirement for passport is valid.


Since June 1, 2015, Singapore has a number of valid visa (MJV) will be the longest valid period of 10 years, but also the spouses and children can enjoy the corresponding policy.

Eligible applicants are the previous visit to Singapore, and their visa application to get the support of relevant institutions in singapore.

The Republic of Korea

Chinese citizens travel to South Korea to apply for a visa in advance (except Jeju Island).

Hold a passport in Taiwan and Macau Special Administrative Region passport tourists in South Korea visa free stay 30 days; holders of the passports of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region visitors visa free stay 90 days; hold China passport tourists only in Jeju Island visa free stay for 30 days.


Japan visa must travel through the agency, the Japanese Consulate does not accept the direct application, visa fees refer to travel agencies offer, generally a single individual tourist visa between 400-600.


Holders of ordinary passports Chinese citizens can apply for 30 days of single entry electronic visa through the website of the electronic visa, the electronic visa charges $60, the electronic visa valid for 180 days holders in Turkey up a 30 day stay.


Indonesia to Chinese citizens implementation of free travel visa policy, Chinese tourists can from Jakarta, Bali, Medan, Surabaya, Batam Island Airport visa to enter the territory of Indonesia, up to a maximum stay of 30 days, but not to extend or change to other visa.


March 28th, Israel and China have reached a new bilateral cooperation intention, Israel will give business or tourism for the purpose of Chinese citizens 10 years of repeated visa treatment, each stay no more than 90 days.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka can apply for visas on arrival, but from the domestic airport exit, if the passport does not have a valid visa to a foreign country, border control officers is will not be released. Therefore, it is suggested to apply for electronic visa (ETA) print a copy to prepare for the examination.

The current issue of the ordinary tourist visa for six months, two out of the territory, each stay 30 days, can be extended within the validity period.


The valid period of 6 months or more ordinary passports, can apply for visas on arrival at Male International Airport. Landing visa valid for 30 days, no need to pay any fees.


Koh Samui

The United Arab Emirates

Tourist visa is 1 months, may not be postponed, must leave the expiration, or impose a fine.

Where the United Arab Emirates to make a short stay to third country passengers, can apply for a local 96 hour transit visa.


Brunei to hold a private ordinary passport of Chinese citizens to open ordinary tourist visa, visa and transit visa (72 hours).

Landing only through travel agencies to deal with the team travel, get the approval of the local immigration authority before they can handle. Transit visa must have and hold a valid visa of a third country, Brunei, a local travel agency letter of guarantee, the connecting tickets and starting and destination country the same country to deal with.


Kampuchea to hold a private ordinary passport for Chinese citizens to open electronic visa and landing.

Starting from Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Chinese citizens can hold a passport and other materials in Thailand and Cambodia, Cambodia and Laos (laos), Cambodia and the border (South) designated ports handle landing visa. In addition, it is required to apply for an electronic visa (e-Visa) to Kampuchea's Foreign Ministry website and enter Kampuchea at the designated port of entry.




Ukraine this beautiful woman into a disaster, the country has been implemented landing!

2016.6.20-2016.9.30, a citizen of China's ordinary passport, can be in Kiev Boris Pohl International Airport, the residence time is not more than 15 days of an entry visa.


For went to English personal tourist visa need to apply himself to the visa center visa, need 15-20 working sunrise to sign, obtain valid for a period not exceeding six months, the longest residence time is not more than 3 months visa, visa cost about RMB 888 yuan.


France for the state of Schengen, Chinese tourists to visit France Schengen tourist visa, can be valid for no more than 6 months, the longest residence time is not more than 3 months of visa, about 15 work to sign the sunrise.


Chinese citizens to go to Finland to apply for a visa. In general, the visa application for a unified Schengen visa (C class), valid for up to 90 days. About 5 work to sign the sunrise, the cost of 60 euros, all the expenses paid by the yuan in cash, according to the exchange rate conversion.


Germany for the Schengen national, Chinese tourists to visit Schengen, Germany tourist visa, can be valid for no more than 6 months, the longest residence time is not more than 3 months of the visa.

San Marino

Need to enter Italy, and then hold a valid passport visa free entry, the general only allowed to stay no more than 30 days, such as the need to stay more than 30 days, according to the requirements should be as soon as possible to apply for residence in the local procedures.



Visitor visa application to Australia plan in non work activities, including tourist visa, business visitors visa approved tourist destination visa (ads), electronic travel permits sector (601), a medical visa (602 categories) and the electronic visitor visa (651 category, in Macao residence time 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, the longest can be 10 year multiple entry.


June 9, 2016, China and Tonga officially signed the agreement: citizens of the two countries to a valid passport in the other countries for entry, exit and transit may be exempted from visa, visa period of stay for 30 days.


On January 14, 2015, the French Embassy announced through the certification of travel agency to go to reunion or French Polynesia Chinese tourists can enjoy the longest 14 days (14 days) visa right.


From November 28, 2009 onwards, Saipan officially owned by the federal government of the United States, China citizens enjoy a 45 day visa immigration policy.


Fiji to China to implement a visa free.


Floor sign, stay for 30 days, the need to hold a round-trip ticket.



From November 2016 onwards, it is necessary to complete the registration of information every two years in EVUS, and then to continue to use the visa.

If you get 10 years after the United States signed in November 2016, you need to go to the EVUS system before the first use of the registration information.


Chinese entry or transit of Canada to apply for a visa, visa fee: 1580 yuan, transit visa (only allowed to stay for 48 hours) no charge. Accession to the border port can not handle landing visa.

Major cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and Halifax.


From March 1st onwards, Ecuador to travel to travel, visit relatives, non-profit activities of Chinese citizens to give 90 days visa free treatment.


The citizens of the two countries hold a valid passport in the other country of entry and exit or transit visa free, visa to stay for a period of 30 days.


This landing is required when the resident third country of the Chinese nationals can enjoy, but also from the third country to enter the country can be.


Visa free, stay for 30 days, the need to hold a round-trip ticket and hotel pre orders.


Visa free, stay for 21 days, the need to hold a round-trip ticket and hotel pre orders.


Visa free, stay for 30 days.


Argentina and China signed a diplomatic, official visa waiver agreement. Agreement stipulates that all holders of diplomatic passports or official passports to the Afghan people can enjoy a visa free treatment, after entering the general can stay for 30 days.

For the use of private ordinary passports for Chinese citizens, the Argentina visa policy is more stringent.



Since June 1, 2016, Morocco to implement the policy of exemption from china.


Tunisia is also about to implement the Chinese citizens visa free.


Chinese citizens valid for more than 6 months of the passport can handle landing visa, stay for 30 days, the need to pay $15 visa fee.

South Africa

South Africa on the BRIC countries (China, India, Russia, Brazil) of the senior management of enterprises to relax visa policy, can be issued 10 years of multiple visa, but also will be issued a number of tourist visas, as appropriate.


Mauritius on the mainland for private passport holders, as well as Chinese Hongkong and Macao issued by the passport holders, travel to Mauritius can be free to sign, no more than 30 days of stay.


To the Seychelles tourism without a visa, but must provide a valid passport, round-trip or the life air tickets and accommodation proof (such as hotel pre orders).

Take your passport and get out of it!

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