China will open up its space program to the United Nations.

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China will open up its space program to the United Nations.

2016-08-03 04:33:14 336 ℃

According to the reference news network reported on August 2, Japanese media said, the Chinese government has and the United Foreign Outer Space Affairs Department (UNOOSA, headquartered in Vienna) reached an agreement to agree in the future to members of the United Nations use strive for the opportunity of 2022 before and after the completion of China's manned space station. In other words, China's next space station will be open to the world, the various member states, including the United States, Russia, Japan and Europe, can use the Chinese space station to engage in space research activities.

China's aerospace industry from scratch, until today has become the world's more developed countries in the aerospace industry. China has a more mature rocket technology, manned space technology, space remote sensing technology, positioning technology, track capture technology, the system is perfect, the technical level is relatively strong. China in the gradual development of lunar exploration, lunar exploration project, space station and Mars exploration project, the existing foundation to China this kind of super Aerospace Engineering with good protection. Of course, China's space shuttle rocket engine technology in the larger short board, the current carrier rocket technology in the thrust and weight behind the United States, Russia, Japan and europe. This is the need to put great effort to solve the problem of China aerospace.

China aerospace industry development is by no means easy, China tried to join the international space station project, but by the obstacles in the United States. Otherwise, as the world largest space projects, China is supposed to be have the opportunity to participate in. On behalf of the aerospace industry is advanced manufacturing industry, is the future development and international competition in the core pillars of strength, the United States Congress hinder China's entry into the project, no doubt, is also trying to limit the development of China's aerospace industry, to avoid future by strong competition from China.

But the political, technical department of the staff does not agree with this view. NASA and the China National Space Administration, in fact, have very close contact and cooperation, both sides have had a good interaction in the international arena. Due to the aerospace industry fees are extremely high, many countries and the cold war that powerful space competition pressure, even such as Europe and the United States so that the developed countries can not bear the full got the aerospace industry consumption. Therefore, the world jointly promote the development of aerospace industry is the overall trend of the future, this is not the United States Congress had to stop. If similar to the international space station such a large-scale rail construction projects without China's participation, and China to establish a separate system, which is related to the future of the entire human space industry is undoubtedly a huge waste. With the continuous progress of space technology, its cost has been growing, the era of a single country to bear the cost of space is far away.

Therefore, from the perspective of space and even the entire human point of view, aside from political prejudice, as far as possible the integration of resources into space activities, this is the most efficient way of organization. China Aerospace Initiative to open its own space station, China has become the world's major powers have to shoulder the responsibility, but also to open up a good way to promote their own learning and reform. Space is a common cause of all mankind, as the film "Mars rescue" shows, as open as possible, to maximize the realization of the International Union, is the future should have the mode.

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