Pa City: Andouble mingtu rough Europe off the repercussions of the U.S. presidential election also met the fate of the economy in jeopardy

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Pa City: Andouble mingtu rough Europe off the repercussions of the U.S. presidential election also met the fate of the economy in jeopardy

2016-08-03 04:33:59 322 ℃

The national voter turnout in the United States election was held on Tuesday, the first Monday of November. The day is called the day of the presidential election. The election, the president is in the middle of the mouth Trump and Hilary two people. The two men on the future direction of the economy have not the same views, especially in on on the issue, it can be said that stood in the absolute antithesis, tip to maimang. Hillary Clinton is than Obama also actively Pro Japanese, if she is elected president, is bound to vigorously strengthen economic trade with Japan, and trump is not the same.

Trump and Hillary Clinton are not the same, trump is an incredible populist, trump still remember history, he asked Japan to face and pay attention to the Pearl Harbor incident, otherwise it will reduce or terminate cooperation with Japan. Japan's "weekly" said, Trump has been a criticism of japan. Famous Japanese reporters Goosen Yi long argued that "trump no diplomacy should have delicate sensibility, only to cry the most preferential treatment of American interests, if he became president, on Japan's requirements will be tough. Will require Japan to increase defense costs, increased demand for military bases in the care of the budget, etc.." Kyoto, Japan, professor emeritus at the University of Nakanishi Teruzhen that "trump criticized Japan in terms of security always' aboard free car '. Therefore, future attacks against U. s.forces' Islamic country' (CIS), requiring the SDF in. The Andouble regime will face the dilemma of 'obedience is hell, denial of Hell' ".

Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida 4, at the time of visit, said no matter who became president of the United States, hope to be able to sustain the development of Japan US alliance. Close to Mr Abe said, it is necessary to use ISE Shima G7 summit, prompting the United States after the age of Obama's policy toward Japan to make a commitment. However this more like a unilateral appeal, Longba King think staging Jo Trump, whether it can maintain the existing U. S. - Japan relations, or doubt.

"Japanese economic news" reported in May 5th, can not rule out the possibility of "President Trump". If Trump and Hilary launched a decisive election battle, the intense policy debate is likely to cross the Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) and the U.S. and Japan security alliance system, etc.. On TPP, Trump was strongly opposed, and he thought it was a "stupid convention."".

In terms of the American policies toward Japan, trump criticism of Japan is a country of manipulating its currency, complains that the Japan US security situation is unfair to the United States also said the United States is the policeman of the world. So the United States to pay the military budget above all others. So that countries in order to their own national security, to bear 100% of the cost of the United states. If the United States allies do not pay such costs, it is very simple, the United States will withdraw from these countries will be their own responsibility to defend their own tasks.

Trump has said "consider the withdrawal of US troops stationed in Japan", which revealed the "Japan US security useless theory" thinking, a seasonal Japanese feel surprised and helpless, that in the Japanese government officials recently have come forward to stand, stabilize to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe urged strengthening the Japan US alliance policy questions. Two people's different attitude, will be in Japan's oil problems on a clear show. Recently, the international oil prices fell endless, because the cost is higher than the traditional oil, so the United States domestic shale oil industry pressure. Dragon King think Japan in recent years and oil heavyweights Russia, Iran and so on has not been very good, Saudi Arabia because of the low oil prices and Japan broke up. Japan only the United States this one can rely on the thigh, if the United States to ignore, then Japan's domestic oil supply will be completely out of line. Japan's economy is bound to be a fatal blow, may be directly destroyed. Whether the United States or not to save Japan, there is a big problem. Is to save the Japanese in the end to spend much of the price.

In the oil price in such a state, if is pro Japanese Hillary Clinton took office may even flesh would also make oil shale with the Japanese market, save Japan in the bottom. But if it is mouth Trump came to power that is not the same, in Japan, no other sources of oil, trump will definitely let Japan deep pain. In the case of the Japanese economy would have been sluggish, which will undoubtedly make Japan worse.

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