Dissatisfaction with Rio? I have the money to self self construction of self training hall

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Dissatisfaction with Rio? I have the money to self self construction of self training hall

2016-08-03 04:35:47 292 ℃

Rio Olympic Games has been a lot of people Tucao, whether it is the construction of the stadium or the Olympic Village accommodation conditions, many athletes expressed their dissatisfaction. However, in some countries is summed up: personal independence of conduct, I have my own willful, not to rio.

Korean team built cafeteria

Recently, the South Korean athletes said the Rio Olympic Village in food is not satisfied, but they still don't need to worry about diet, Korea sports will be a "Korea house" was built in the local, provide the Korean Olympic athletes with their taste of the meal.

"The village of food is too salty, for me, feeling is not very fresh", South Korean women's volleyball team main Kim Yeon koung said, "but here can still eat Korean style, so I didn't what problem."

"Korea house" is located in the Rio upscale residential area, is responsible for the operation of the Korean sports. As the headquarters of the South Korean delegation, the facility has a comprehensive, with the dining room and the rest room. During the Olympic Games, it will also provide information for the Olympic Games, news, social networking and other activities to provide venues.

However, most athletes in order to save time, may still be dining in the Olympic Village, the home of South Korea said it would try to eat Korean food distribution to the hands of athletes. "Korea house" provides a variety of dishes are also very rich, the day in addition to rice, the staple food, and baked chicken, fried shrimp, spicy fried squid, fried pickle etc. traditional Korean dishes.

"While most of the ingredients come from South Korea, it is still not a part of the Korean athletes' needs," says the nutrition. Therefore, we will go to the local market in Rio to buy meat and fresh vegetables, etc.. Our athletes are very much like the hot dip lettuce dipped in sauce to eat, in addition, we also found that Brazil beef is really good."

It seems, this time in order to enter the top ten, won the ten gold goal, South Korea is also quite a fight.

British self built Training Center

In order to prepare for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, the British delegation has spent 1 million 600 thousand pounds in the southeastern city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil built its own training center. Here the training conditions are very comfortable, let the trainer feel at home.

The British Olympic team in Brazil's training center is located in the southeastern city of Belo Horizonte, the design of the environment here is to let like skin Ti - Adam as a British popular player with a feeling of living in the home. Posted here with the British team printed Bring Great the (achieve great (on), the slogan of the poster, even the doping control room door are covered with a British flag printed with a blanket.

British training camp, the total cost of 1 million 600 thousand pounds, the cost of the British national sports lottery. Track and field, archery and rugby sevens project athletes training ground also at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, weightlifting, table tennis, judo and boxing team will in Minas table tennis club training.