Why Spain would not accept European refugees?

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Why Spain would not accept European refugees?

2016-08-03 04:38:53 256 ℃

British off Ou lets many hold British citizenship of people lost as EU citizens' welfare and job opportunities, but also to many plans to British people towards the other EU countries, but for European refugees to the UK is not important. According to the responsible for Spain's "national newspaper" an international organization of refugees said recently, the Spanish government in 2015 and the EU reached an agreement to receive 16000 Syria into Spanish territory, but now known to the Spanish government received refugees only 18 people.

18 people.. Individual.. People..

What is the concept of 18 people?

Fingers and toes can count all over Germany received more than 80 million refugees, we all know that refugees will bring about a series of very difficult problems, Spain this is swollen?

The main reasons are as follows: 1 geographical reasons

Refugees are generally by non European, the Strait of Gibraltar to southern Spain entry, but the refugees at least 90% to the EU and other developed countries, the rest of the return to Morocco. The other way is to go over to Turkey, Greece, from Eastern Europe, followed by Germany, France and Northern Europe, but just escaped the spanish......

2 National Opinion

Moreover is Spain itself is not receiving refugees country, and not willing to receive, the 18 Bit refugees is from the hands of Italy took over the back, and through the layers of the two governments screening, after receiving the refugees in Spain immediately sealed off the border, so Spain again cleverly avoid refugee immigration issues...

3 as a springboard

Also Spain only for refugees responsible period, this period government responsible for food and lodging returned to the transportation subsidies, but this period although not be repatriated, but the government is no longer in charge, the refugees to their to fend for himself. This is a barrier to both life and work, and that is why most people don't love to come to Spain.

In contrast, the German monthly subsidies to refugee nearly 300 to 400 euros, the child subsidy also technical training for refugees earlier into. That is why, even though there are the influx of a large number of refugees by Spain as a springboard to Germany and other EU countries, the main reason.

Spain away from the refugee crisis problems, hiding in the distant of the Iberian Peninsula, just reached the maximum security environment, Spain's safety index is also greatly enhanced, for living in the local people and went to the tourists is greatly suitable. So Spain's investment in the National People's Congress does not have to worry about the economic changes brought about by the influx of refugees, and Spain's investment market is booming in the booming.

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