If we do not meet someone who suffered almost in the slums of Kabul accident

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If we do not meet someone who suffered almost in the slums of Kabul accident

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2015-4-22 Afghan capital Kabul

To Afghanistan, we have to go to the local folk songs to civilian areas.

Because we are very interested in the life of the people of Afghanistan after the war.

We also know that this kind of place in Afghanistan is taking a big risk.

In order to control the risk to a minimum, we to the hotel manager Sailafu for help. This Sailafu people see that wealthy, decent behavior and conversation gentle. But there's a problem with this guy, that's a special color! Even when the emperor's eyes, he will hide to woo women. However, the trust of women. More importantly, I did not see Sailafu shameless fanatics, just east of interest to women.

School interview after hitting the wall, we ask Sailafu took us to around the civilian District of Kabul, and clear requirements can not go to the rich man living area. Sailafu start resolutely refused to. He pointed to refers to the car, you see, on the left of the mid levels of the civilian areas is Kabul slum, that what people have estimated good accounted for more than 3 - 5%, the vast majority of people from the provinces, very poor, what do it. Even more frightening is that because this is a slum area, so even if the government and the police are not even the police. In other words, this is a government, it is prone to robbery and kidnapping.

But the more he said, the higher the appetite of both of us would be. In our repeated insistence, Sailafu very reluctantly drove the car up the hill. After he stopped his car, he was determined not to get out of the car with us!

Don't we go with it, so many countries, with no one thing, early accustomed to. Someone to accompany instead of feeling cumbersome, like a few days ago in Pakistan every day to accompany the armed police, but let us feel very uncomfortable.

Get off, we continue to go up, while taking pictures. During this period Sailafu has opened the door to call us back, sounded very frightened, even a little desperate. But we did not believe in evil, or have been to go up

Ghetto house full of clay, from the children's dress also see people here are really poor.

In these children's eyes, we must be an alien.

Rich or poor, children look cute.

The poor have no cars, and they are made to rely on the donkey.

Suddenly heard behind another voice shouted desperately we shouted catch up. Looking back, is two young men.

One of the men caught up with the name of himself after the introduction of Sharif, he said, this place almost everyone has a gun, very dangerous, please hurry up with me to go back.

The picture is Sharif

Seeing the expression of two young men in panic, we were finally moved and decided to withdraw from them. Back on the way, Sharif himself said he was 22 years old, just graduated from the University of Kabul political department, because they can not find a job had to stay at home. Sharif to the emperor said: I hate this country, although it is my motherland, but I have no way to love her.

Under the Sailafu back to the car, Sharif said in my house on the side, invited us to his house.

The picture is Sharif's home.

Sharif's father is 51 years old this year, looks very honest kind. He is an ordinary prosecutors, the implementation of last year's official return to Kabul by the Taliban ambush, his left arm was wearing four bullet, now although has healed, but left arm action seriously hindered.

Sharif's brother is a police officer in Kabul, married, with a child.

Sharif took us to visit his family's living room, bedroom and kitchen, their house looks not too small, there are several rooms, indoor decoration and furniture are relatively simple; but let us judge in this area their home should belong to a very good the. Sharif said that the residents of the district although is a ghetto, but also water electricity, can also use the toilet, the use of natural gas to cook. Their house is built their own, because in the mountain, so the homestead provided free by the government, ownership is permanent.

The picture is Sharif's living room and kitchen.

Sharif's little yard

The picture is Sharif's brother's child.

Continue to chat, Sharif said that the Afghan government's prime minister was a university president, is very good, but he led the government is very weak. Sharif has repeatedly said that if it is possible, he will consider immigration, leave the country.

We talked for a while, and the Sharif family photo and the exchange of communication after the leave.

On the bus, Siaraf said: I though born in Kabul, but also for the first time into the region, because here is not the same (later we went to his house to know, he is simply the largest local rich), if the two of you continue to walk will have to grab something. If you do not pay, is likely to get a bullet or kidnapped, and the police is not tube.

Listen to Sharif and Sailafu words, we finally believe that the degree of risk here, but some are scared. Just imagine, if not today have been caught in a Reeve, maybe we will be robbed, killed or even kidnapping, not impossible.

We have said this is how All is well that ends well., luck.

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