American women who run for president before Hilary

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American women who run for president before Hilary

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In 2008, she participated in the presidential election defeat, delivered a speech, said: "the supreme to the glass ceiling, we this time did not break, but thank you it has 18 million cracks, let the unprecedented light down, let all of us full of hope. We are sure that the next road will be smoother." This sentence has become a prophecy: in 2016 the general election, she got her wish to become the Democratic Party's presidential candidate. American media reported that she was the first American woman to be a candidate for the presidency. In fact, Hilary was not the first woman to run for president of the United States. Hit the glass ceiling is America women can row a queue.

Ohio Homer village has a brand, the first election of the president of the United States women said the is Victoria Wood Haier (Victoria Woodhull). In 1872, she as "equal rights party" (Equal Rights Party) elected as the presidential campaign of ginseng. Hilary is a professional politician, make good use of the influence of the transaction, and the ambiguous relationship between Wall Street. And Wood Hare himself was a successful Wall Street broker. Wood Hare in the women's rights in politics, go hither and thither to call for the claim, was quite revolutionary. She was a woman and voting rights movement a pioneer. Because the first husband drinking, cheating, she divorced, and launched a "free love" (FreeLove) campaign, claiming that they and other women should have the right to choose who love who do not love, marriage or divorce. At the end of nineteenth Century than today conservative don't know how many of these arguments, her conservative is extremely offensive, and oppose. When comics (see below) to she said as "female Satan", said respectable women prefer to be alcoholic husband and kids dragged down, don't learn her with her advocate.

Under the adverse public opinion on their own, she simply to invest on their own newspaper, exposure of a distinguished clergyman Henry Ward Bice (Henry Ward Beecher) and pastoral areas of a married woman cheating scandal in his own newspaper. The results due to the "immoral" and reported, and were arrested. Election day, she is still in prison. In today's free speech, these reports are not at all. She fought for women's rights, but with respect to life, against abortion. Now, on the issue of abortion, the Democratic Party basically supports the right to abortion, the Republican basic opposition, the front is clear, some candidates how easy to win the ballot how to say. Relatively speaking, Wood Haier more assertive some.

The true first female presidential candidate of the United States, Vitoria Wood Haier

When one has passed away in 1972, another woman as the Democratic Party presidential election. She is a black woman is Shirley Chessen (Chisholm Shirly). Chesson parents are bottom workers. Chesson was born in Brooklyn, the second generation immigrants, the early career engaged in preschool education, actively advocating early education become the authority. She was later elected to the state of New York, and was elected to Congress in 1968, she is also the first black woman to become a member of parliament. During his time as MP, she as a core staff, formulated the "maternal and infant children to supplement nutrition (WIC)" method, to low-income pregnant and lactating women and their children, provide free nutrient food. The law still allows the United States to benefit low-income families. In 1972, she declared her candidacy as a Democrat. Her candidacy is typical of a boat sailing against the current, not only face the whites of racial discrimination, but also to deal with black men in black women rise vigilance. Even so, she won a few states in the primary. After the failure of the campaign, she in Congress continue to for women and children, the urban poor, medical care, running, she opposed conscription, opposition to the Vietnam War, in the Democratic Party is a high prestige, became Secretary General of the democratic party caucuses. As a black woman, her political activities, to the later Hilary and Obama paved the way.

Shirley Chessen, an outstanding black female politician

Other women to participate in presidential election, there are many, such as the national equal rights party Belwar Lockwood (belva Ann Lockwood) ", the people's Party of Margaret white (Margaret Wright), Civic Party Sonia Johnson (Sonia Johnson). The rumor website Snopes lists nearly 20 months. These women are faced with challenges, difficulties, and create opportunities for future generations to pave the way.

Hilary, who is familiar with the history of American women's movement, does not publicly affirm the efforts and contributions of these women pioneers, and put themselves into the "glass ceiling" of the hammer. "Glass ceiling" said although vivid, but to her predecessors, this almost be said to be unwarranted, or is the emperor's new clothes. The political correctness of the environment, so that Hilary hit the female brand rare risk. She even said: "I play cards. This card is female, I decided to send me cards!" (me in Deal!) Wood Hare was arrested when he was accused of exposing some of the class. Chessen as a black woman, face double discrimination, in black men and white men and women have enemies in front and rear. Compared with them, Hilary advantage. Hilary has a strong effect for her husband Clinton, follow around. Ben can become a strong opponent of her vice president Biden, due to the death of his son, too sad to run for election. She is now a Republican opponent, is a constant controversy in the. Hillary sat on the shoulders of giants, opportune, but from time to time in the pendulum to crack the "glass ceiling" attitude, and create a pioneer image, said created a milestone, is to become a "in the history of the United States, the first major party candidate". With such a "credit" for women's support, somewhat speculative, which may win votes to her, but it also makes some of these pies objectionable, switch to trump.