Intern with your secret French presidential palace interior, luxurious staggering degree

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Intern with your secret French presidential palace interior, luxurious staggering degree

2016-08-03 04:45:54 455 ℃

Just enter the school from the chef to us as soon as possible to find three internship shop or restaurant, in the busy and just think before scorched by the flames heard friends say there is a chance to practice in the presidential palace, but in what information is not the case to resume into the presidential palace was a little difficult, so with their own the most stupid method with a printed resume and motivation letter and photos of their work directly to the office of the president asked the guards, guards began to see a hand near I also made a gun to ask what I do, so in the distance across the street I cried as I would like to ask how to he didn't practice another rush please take me to ask the guards guard room at the presidential palace dessert so I got the Ministry, the Ministry of personnel's name and address in the presidential palace, the presidential palace after I went directly to the post office to send the documents sent out

After more than a month, I received a phone call from the personnel department manager told me that I was admitted, and also invited me to send a copy of the contract and some documents, in the end of these documents can be started after the internship

First day with the personnel department in charge of about fortunately presidential palace of the street meet then he brought me into the heavily guarded places, then is to take pictures and do identification card and some simple document, followed by the little dream already a long time of "imperial room"

In fact, now I have been thinking about how the first day of the past, but I still see that France is a live heavy "eat" of the country, the text of the boring to see what is going on in the end is how to return a responsibility!

In just arrived in Paris soon visited the palace of Versailles, that style of decoration, the droplight of golden Bili always let a person as the acme of perfection, in the heart thinks, before the "before" the French is so exquisite, until the internship in the office of the president is a world class chef, please the waiter took me to visit the presidential palace, a small part of I realized to the original not only before the French that, now the president with the previous king life office place without any difference.

The second visit is the pantry, which filled with storing that in a hundred years of history of silverware and dishes, all the plate tool Cup group all hand made below the plate each low hundreds of thousands of euros, the tableware can not put in the window display, but every day will use the, each kind of different plate containing different things, beef is beef, fish have dessert, but also found himself exclusive cannot like which with which these are historical rules inside

Like the dishes dishes each have three hundred group, a state dinner all of these use, of course, each state highest banquet is also a number of 300 people

Silver is used to eat salty food, gold is used to taste the sweets

What does the president have to eat?

The chef told me they will be in accordance with the needs of each president and change, as the current president of in order to avoid a chef in food is put disk or in the process of handling damage the tableware, so all mounted on a silver plate, but the president's desk will have the use of plate, until on the table in the waiter to everything from the market in costumes to the president

Kitchen is not the same as dessert in addition to take care of the president's early dinner every day, and often have a cocktail party to the president to go abroad when the plane meal

Here's a cocktail of cold room groups.

In the end to will be first in the ready room set for a group of a group of other services and VIP before the end of president was born

The state banquet chef this day also let me look at what is called "the banquet"

This evening banquet because ready to work late, can be as simple as comfortable in the presidential palace. See the night really is not easy