Sure enough, only China can do it!After sweeping the goods overnight, Afghanistan made a request.

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Sure enough, only China can do it!After sweeping the goods overnight, Afghanistan made a request.

2021-11-25 00:18:17 18 ℃

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Afghan wants to rebuild, inseparable from the help of the international community, Afghanistan has many resources, and it is entirely possible to develop. China is actively contacting Afghanistan, China also wants to see a peaceful Afghanistan, a stable Middle East. And China's strong economic strength has also made Afghanistan benefits, and there are many things that China can do. For example, 450,000 tons overnight will make Afghanistan, and Atta will put forward new requirements, hoping to strengthen cooperation with China, and strengthen economic and trade Tour, it seems that Atta has also seen the potential to cooperate with China.

Ata's requirements

The Afghan Taliban has established a new regime. The most important thing now is to actively develop the Afghan economy and accelerate the reconstruction process of Afghanistan. At recent Attai said that Atta needs not only the funding assistance of the international community, Atta is more hope that his agricultural products can enter the international market, only strengthen trade, to make Afghani have the possible possible possible. Indeed, the light is aid by external assistance, and can only make Afghanistan to meet the warmth, and to rebuild Afghanistan, let Afghanistan reach the level of the Middle East wealthy country, then they need to start with economic construction, which is very important to trade with other countries.

Not long ago, Afghanistan exported to 45 tons of pine to China. This is also the first foreign trade export after Atta, and China did not let Afghanistan disappointment. The pine is swept away with the help of live stores, which makes Afghanistan Direct exports from $ 500 million to $ 2 billion a year. Ata hopes that there will be more agricultural products into the Chinese market, that is, things among the reason, if the development is smooth, US $ 2 billion may be just a beginning. The future of Afghanistan and China will bring more income to Afghanistan.

Western shout slogan

Although the United States also sent a holiday to Afghanistan to communicate with Ata, Atta did not buy it for the West. After all, the United States has also frozen the $ 7 billion foreign reserves in Afghanistan. Western shouts are shouting, but doing don't do it, and Western also promises to take out $ 1 billion to do humanitarian rescue, but this commitment is to honor or an unknown number. Compared with the West, China is much more pragmatic, and the export of Afghanistan is sweeping. It is a certificate.

China has always respected cooperation and winning, in in Afghanistan, this is also doing this, which makes both parties benefit, more than the short check of the West. Afghan is now the best, as long as Atta can cut off the links with terrorism, ensure the domestic stable environment, then cooperation with China will not be a problem, and will continue to develop well.

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