The nuclear submarine "sailing", the beauty of the United States is big, how is it in the South China Sea!

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The nuclear submarine "sailing", the beauty of the United States is big, how is it in the South China Sea!

2021-11-25 00:16:40 17 ℃

South China Sea collision event is not accidental event! The US military stared a big event. The navy's war was suffering from the waist. How did you come in the South China Sea?

On October 7, the US Navy disclosed a nuclear submarine impact incident in a statement, and the hitting place was in the South China Sea, which also made this incident more concerned. The performance of the US military a series of obstruction also makes the impact incident more confusing.

Under the strong requirements of the international community, the United States finally disclosed the "truth" behind the impact incident: hit the unknown seabed mountains in the South China Sea waters. But the world does not seem to buy, if it is just simple to hit the mountain range, why do the US military do the best to hide? Finally, after the impact of the incident, the US military exposed the horse foot.

According to the "Global Network", the US Stripe Raise "report said that the US submarine force jointly issued a joint order, requiring the nuclear submarine forces to suspend". According to the US military statement, this time is very rare. We know that nuclear submarines have always been a US Navy's deterrentizer. In the United States, the United States has become increasingly fierce confrontation, and the United States will undoubtedly impact on the status of its army.

According to the current situation, the US Navy has a total of up to 66 nuclear submarines. From the surface, "navigation pause" does not mean that the entire submarine unit is fully suspended. However, many analysts pointed out that after a month from the nuclear submarine, the US Navy released a big mysterious machine behind the order.

As for what is mystery? Some people pointed out that this instruction seems to be implied that the "Connecticut" nuclear submarine is not an accidental event. It is very likely behind it to expose the universal problems of the US nuclear submarine. Therefore, the US military had to urgently release the "Navigation Suspend" instruction to screen all nuclear submarines.

In fact, in recent years, the issue of the US Navy is exposed. It is obvious that it is not an easy thing to maintain the US Navy's deployment in the world. For example, how to maintain a limited ship to maintain global operation. What is more tricky is that when the competition in the big country is increasingly, the US main ship is forced to maintain a long-term warranty.

But the more large ships, the more regular maintenance is required. This long-term deployment of the US military undoubtedly disrupted this rhythm, so that some warships that were originally played for a long time retired. Over time, the US Navy will fall into a malignant cycle, which also makes an unexpected event that has a very low probability is an inevitable event.

So some extent, this is also a retribution of the US military's obsessed with great defense. The nuclear submarine South China Sea is just one. If the United States is obsessed, similar disasters will only be more. How do such a US military in the South China Sea or even the waters of the sea? (Fu Xiaoyu)