The United States is out of the United States, and I will not buy Iran oil in China?Hua Chun Ying bright attitude

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The United States is out of the United States, and I will not buy Iran oil in China?Hua Chun Ying bright attitude

2021-11-25 00:14:55 17 ℃

Since Trump announced that the United States withdrew from the Iranian Agreement, the relationship between the United States and Ih entered the deterioration stage. Now, although it is very much to ease the relationship between the two countries, it has no way to reach a consensus in negotiations.

The Iranian Agreement has already expired, but many countries are forced to have a pressure of the US, or have not returned to Normal trade with Iran. Of course, this does not include China. However, the trade agreement signed between China Iraqi, so that the United States suddenly panicked, and now the country is also out of stock, and it is directly to give it to China's oil. In this regard, the spokesperson of my country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave birth to the attitude.

Meiyi negotiations fall into a deadlock

After Biden came to the stage, it has been promoted many negotiations in the United States, but there is no way to reach a consensus on related issues, so things have not been resolved now. In fact, this result is not an unexpected thing. After all, the US is indeed sincerity in the negotiation process. If the country is willing to cancel all of the sanctions to Iraq, there are a lot of talks between the two countries. But the idea today is that I want Iran to stop the current efforts in nuclear research, and want to implement corresponding sanctions against the country. This kind of good thing is obviously impossible.

Today, President Iran is replaced by Lai, he can talk to the previous leaders so much. He will be more stronger about the attitude of beauty. In such cases, it has been hindered for the negotiations of both parties. Since the Iranian Agreement has expired, in order to reason, the world can cooperate with Iran, but the US sanctions are still continuing. Many countries are unwilling to have sinned the United States, so they don't restart between Iran. Corresponding relationship. However, the US deterrence is useless to China and Russia. my country has signed a contract with the country for a 25-year contract so that my country can get stable oil supply from Iran.

You know, for Iran, many overseas funds have been frozen in the United States, so the country's economic problem is the most governance. After a fixed big customer in China, it is possible to obtain a lot of financial income through energy exports, and can alleviate the country's economic pressure to a certain extent. But this is also a thing that is the most worried thing in the United States. The country is the most worried Iran will start developing nuclear weapons after we have money. At that time, Israel's military advantage will not exist, which will directly affect the US Strategic deployment.

The United States does not allow China to purchase Iran oil?

In such cases, the United States has to go out, directly to our country, saying that China is best not to continue from Iran to oil, otherwise it will have corresponding sanctions to my country. Have to say, this may be played for other countries, but it is not used by my country. After all, for so many years, the country's sanctions on my country have a little a little. my country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Huat Chunying also conducted a positive response to the US said.

Hua Chunying said that the behavior of any single sanctions is not accepted by any single-sided sanctions, and the US is fully called "long arm jurisdiction." What's more, cooperation between China Iraq is completely legal and reasonable, so the US does not have any reason to prevent trade between two independent sovereignty countries. It seems that the US small abacus will be lost, the country is still thinking about it, how to reach the consensus between Iran.