Just getting a big event?German scholars warns the Sanxiong: Japan will not be safer!

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Just getting a big event?German scholars warns the Sanxiong: Japan will not be safer!

2021-11-25 00:18:58 25 ℃

[Southern + November 24th] According to Japanese media reports, as the retrieval of self-owner members have increased significantly from Japan's national defense budget and obtain the ability to combat enemy bases, a German scholar called on the Japanese Shouboast Saitiong government to take this. Three days before class, the reason is that Japan has a reputation of "peaceful countries".

In Japan, the German professor of Japanese modern history, Germany, Sale Sale, who has affirmed Japan to play a role in international coordination, and questioning the reasons for the Self-Ministry of the Communist Party to increase Japanese defense expenditure to 2% of GDP.

Saler said in an interview: "Like Germany, Japan also faces 2% of the defense budget to GDP. However, this means something unclear." He mentioned the United States to these two allies. The pressure requires them to spend more in terms of defense.

According to the Data of Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, as of 2020, Japanese national defense expenditure accounted for 1% of GDP, Germany was 1.4%, France was 2.2%, the UK was 2.2%, and Australia was 2.8%.

Saler said: "After the military budget doubles, will Japan be safer? It is likely that it will not be, although the United States may be strengthened." He also said: "In my opinion, any force in Japan or any country is displayed. It is very worthwhile to solve long-term conflicts. "

Saler issued the above comments, Germany, the United Kingdom and France expanded the safety cooperation with Japan in India, British and France.

Saitian Hushan said that the ability to combat the ability to strengthen the choice of missile defense system, and the national defense expenditure will be the focus of the government to revise the national security strategy of 2013, which proposes a medium and long-term guidelines for Japanese national defense and diplomatic policies.

Sale suggests that the Sunda Ten Xiong, who has just been prime minister, may have to take a more tough diplomatic diplomatic and security policy to win the support of the former Prime Minister Abe leadership.

Saler said: "However, Shi Tian Wend won the party's internal strategy required by the president of the self-owner, seems to have an impact on his foreign policy policy. He has a certain attitude towards the idea of ​​improving the ability of national defense budget and gaining enemy base."

Saler also said: "It is an image of a 'Peace State', Japan is attractive to tourists, students and various professionals, which is why European politicians look forward to working with Japan, not because Japan may National defense budget doubled. "

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Author: Chen Diai