Russia: Conspiracy of Sino-Russian relations in the Western countries will not succeed

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Russia: Conspiracy of Sino-Russian relations in the Western countries will not succeed

2021-11-25 00:19:16 14 ℃

The Russian Federation Committee (Parliament Admission) President Matville said at the Inter-Parliamentary Committee on November 23, and the conspiracy of Sino-Russian relations in the West will not succeed.

The original words of this female speaker are as follows:

"We can't tolerate a small trick to replace the passage of the rules for the rules of the country. Some of them, the public martial arts, lay the wedge between Moscow and Beijing. In this regard, we can see very clearly. We will respond to Chinese friends, and respond by enhancing mutual benefit between us. "

Matvili pointed out that in Russia, the US and EU sanctions policy is naked vicious competition, and its purpose is to delay the development of economic and technology in Russia.

Matviet is the leader of the Shangyuan, and its political status is second only to President Putin and Prime Minister Mitchus. She is also a intimate comradieth of Putin, and the above speech represents the position of Putin's ruling team. It's nothing to say, it's all:

1. Some countries in Western countries tried to be in China and Russia, producing some rumors, released some smoke bombs, but can't escape the fire of the fire in Russia. The deep friendship between Russia is concluded, and it has to live a variety of tests.

2. For the West's climate, the most powerful response in Russia is to further strengthen cooperation, support each other, and jointly fight the Western sanctions and enclosures.

Russia said, but also it. When Mei Ying and other national gratitude to boyfilter Beijing Winter Olympics, Putin happily accepted the invitation of Winter Olympics. My Foreign Ministry spokesperson said well: a total of fun, this is a good tradition formed by China and Russia.