Can Iran make nuclear weapons?Western worried things is happening, netizens: US playing

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Can Iran make nuclear weapons?Western worried things is happening, netizens: US playing

2021-11-25 00:14:01 28 ℃

In recent years, the United States has always been self-living in the "World Police", because the US military is a mad style, so many countries have a disgust. However, some countries are committed to the United States, willing to follow the United States to engage in military operations, but there are also countries to see themselves, and the United States is dry, Iran is one of them. Speaking of this, most people have questioned that the United States of Miyi went to the blood sea from the army, and did the big beampery? At the moment, the West is worried about what is happening. This time Iran is not playing.

According to Iranian media reports, Iranian atomic organizes spokesperson said that now, Iran has already reserved 210 kg of 20% rich concentrated uranium, and 25 kg of abundance of up to 60% concentrated uranium. According to the definition of the International IAEA, if the uranium 235 is more than 90%, it will be used to make nuclear weapons, although Iran is currently 60% released concentrated uranium abundance, but the external speculation, Iran may already have the ability to manufacture nuclear weapons. Experts analyze that Iran's nuclear technology does not have obstacles, 60% rich concentrated uranium can not be able to get a country.

According to the provisions of the Iranian agreement, Iran refines the rich enhanced uranium abundance cannot exceed 5%, this abundance concentrate can only generate electricity for nuclear power plant, however, because the United States unilaterally exits the Iranian nuclear agreement, I still want to consign it for Iran, not I am willing to make any compromise in the Iranian Agreement. Iran is not a soft persimmon, directly enhanced enrich uranium abundance to 60%, and the external guesses, this is "forced" by the United States, now, if the United States still does not return to Nuclear agreement, Iran's next step is to develop nuclear weapons, netizens think that the United States has played this.

In fact, all countries in the world are worried about Iran's research and development of nuclear weapons. Considering that the power of nuclear weapons is huge, with the tension relationship between the United States, the two countries are worried about a war. Under heavy fog, most people turned their attention to the Vienna negotiations at the end of the month and thought that the negotiations were about global fate. However, from the style of leaders in the two countries, negotiations don't seem smoothly. The two countries are not willing to compromise in key issues, so the outside world is universal.

Imagine, if the other countries continue to present "taking the knife", what will the final ending? Relevant persons believe that Iran may create nuclear weapons and may cause war. Recently, Iran held a military exercise in the United States, "home", using anti-ship missiles to hit the sea target, and publicly named the United States and Israel, obviously, Iran is open to the West "Tie Boxing", but the outside world believes that the current US is fundamental So can't hit the war, so the United States still converges, don't worry Iran.