It is related to the six generations of my country, Americans are staring at satellite map, or put into use within 10 years.

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It is related to the six generations of my country, Americans are staring at satellite map, or put into use within 10 years.

2021-11-25 00:13:29 67 ℃

For recent time, my country's national defense industry has shown a near-well-proof period, the world's first two-seat version of the five-generation machine, the world's second shipbuilding stealth fighter, high supersonic weapon, etc. A series of new equipment Exposure, continuously flushing the Americans' sensitive nerves. At recent, a satellite map of my country's flying test site has made Americans.

On November 3, my country's official media "Global Network" noted that the US defense media "military observation" predicts 1 day ago, China's application of six generations is mostly more than Americans. Even the first six generations of China have been discovered by the satellite.

For such a topic, there is no doubt that a wave of discussion is set off in the US military community. As the core evidence of the media, a photo of the Test Site on my country in recent US media satellite was photographed. It can be seen from the photos that the model is a model of a triangular wing, which seems to be a non-tail pneumatic design, and some buildings next to it are relatively large.

It should be noted that some sounds on the external network think that this is a non-tail design drone, China is not a similar drone birth, is widely circulated, is it to attack -11 and no detection -8 Human machine.

However, the US media "Military Observation" believes that the reason why this "big surprise" is China's six-generation machine, the core problem is that this is the test airport in the flying, and there is a lot of cool -2020, The fighter of the 歼 -10. In the known flying work, there is no anti-tail-free designless drone. But flying is the first fifth generation fighter in China, with sufficient stealth design experience. For the pursuit of the six generations, there is not too much to avoid too much.

That is very interesting, with the discussion, Americans stared at this satellite, but the United States has also had R & D projects on the tail-free six generations before the US, but because of cost issues and technical issues, it will not eventually . Today, it is found that China's six generation machine projects have even already out "prototype", the same road, Americans have not traveled, the Chinese are over, this is very important.

Perhaps refer to my country's 歼 -20 and FC-31 research progress, the media predicts if the mysterious fighter discovered is indeed the prototype of the Chinese Six Generation, so it is foreseen that China is likely to be in ten years. It has the world's first sixth generation fighters, and in large-scale investment. At that time, the aerial power of the United States is very likely to fall behind. (Listening to wind blown)