Si's replay?The United States wants to take "washing powder" to engage in things, China is not Iraq

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Si's replay?The United States wants to take "washing powder" to engage in things, China is not Iraq

2021-11-25 00:13:37 26 ℃

More than ten years ago, in the US, the US Secretary of State was imposed on Iraq with a must-have crime, took a pack of laundry powder to hiding a large-scale killing weapon, launched a nearly 20 years of war for Iraq, and finally did not find, but let the United States A large amount of oil resources have accounted for a deep suffering of the Iraqi people. Twenty years later, the United States also thought of repeating, I would like to make "washing powder" incidents in China.

From the beginning of the epidemic, every country is in the epidemic, and the United States has no time to take care of the lives of the people. Instead, it will try to destroy China, and the "Chinese virus" is named "Chinese virus" to the new crown virus. China's voice, constantly spreading the speech of my country, once in the international community in the international community, is a big country, but there is no big country, and it is sinister.

In the first few months, Peteoe was a new round of discredit, claiming that the US government has mastered a large number of evidence to prove the new crown virus from the Wuhan laboratory, but when people want him to take evidence, this Pereo is I can't get it, like jumping beams, although it is trying to disperse China, it is fair in the hearts of the people, I believe that American politicians have more and less, lie repeats is still lie, but more and more countries admire China The efforts and results of the epidemic are willing to work with China to study new crown viruses, and it is difficult to overcome difficulties. The new crown virus is a serious scientific issue. It must be a research on scientists in all countries. Instead, some international politicians who wear colored glasses are deliberately discredient. The use of intelligence departments look for viral traceability, it is traceable The crime of politicization of problems.

Compared with the United States, my country has developed a victory in a short period of time, and finally studied with multi-country experts on the traceability of virus. It has finally found that the virus has appeared in Western Europe in Western Europe in the emergence of Wuhan epidemic, and with the in-investigation, The US Biochemical Weapons Research Office Detrickburg doubts, even if there are many signs that new crown viruses may come from this, but my country is still not directly qualitative. On the contrary, I only hope that the US open Dtrickburg laboratory self-witting .

Today, China is not both Iraq, nor Syria, is not a hundred years ago, anything is slaughtered, and the history of discredits is not returned. On the contrary, if the United States has always politicized, no big country, It is very likely that there is a rule of Rome, stopping the supra, put the energy on the people of the country, and the United Nations collaboration is the wind and responsibility of the big country.