Focusing on China did not talk, Japan and South Korea were in the United States, and it was more like a golden shelling.

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Focusing on China did not talk, Japan and South Korea were in the United States, and it was more like a golden shelling.

2021-11-25 00:17:01 52 ℃

Asia-Pacific ally show is hit! Two neighboring countries in China have a troubles on the United States, where is the problem? Why is the netizen say that this is more like Japanese and South Korea and a bitter meat + golden shell shelling?

With the continuous advancement of great countermeasures, there are more and more operations in the United States. As we all know, in confrontation, one of the advantages of the United States is to have a number of allies. When I realized that I couldn't succeed in the rise of China, I started to draw allies and gave a big "allies show".

According to the latest report of the Global Times, Japan, Japan, and South Korea, were developed in Washington. From the US invited country, you can understand the central issue of this meeting. Whether it is Japan or South Korea, it is an important part of the United States to promote the Indian strategy. Therefore, this conference is also considered an important step in strengthening the US Asia-Pacific Algier System.

However, ideal is full, reality is often very bone. A meeting that originally strengthened the consensus consensus finally showed a huge difference between the United States and Asia-Pacific ally. According to reports, because of the contradiction between Japan and South Korea, both parties absent the three-party joint press conference in the US plan. It can be said that Japan South Korea does not leave the situation on the United States, but also makes the host the United States.

It is worth pointing out that this is also a public warning for the United States and South Korea Tripartite Alliance. At this meeting, Japan and South Korea contradiction was unlimited. In addition to the "Delin Island" problem, there is still more difficult history between Japan and South Korea. What can be expected is that this contradiction cannot be reconfied in a short period of time, and even the United States will not work.

Another detail at the meeting also suggests that there is more contradiction between Japan and South Korea, and there are also many contradictions between the US League Friends Korea. In the case of being "how to see China", South Korea said "China is a strategic partner", and the future of this cooperative relationship is good looking forward to. From here, it will be understood that as China's influence is increasing, the United States should face heavy hindrances in the consequences of "fighting China" in Asia-Pacific.

This embarrassing situation encountered in the United States has also aroused many discussions on the web. One of the netizens said that this is not a bitter meat in Japan, which is not a bitter meat of Japan and South Korea? In addition, this is a play of Japan and South Korea as unwilling to fight against China. Although the possibility of the two parties is small, from a certain extent, Japan and South Korea did not want to follow the American real reality.

A series of performances in the United States have made Japanese and South Korea, but they are just a piece of chess in the United States. Once Asia-Pamat really broke the war, the United States will not raise the risk of being blown to save Japan and South Korea. By then, Japan and South Korea in the frontier of the opposition, undoubtedly become the cannon ash of the big country. (Fu Xiaoyu)