Duttert is about to be transferred, the Philippines has changed?Ji Xi Zhi Zhi Island Reef, was blocked by the sea police

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Duttert is about to be transferred, the Philippines has changed?Ji Xi Zhi Zhi Island Reef, was blocked by the sea police

2021-11-25 00:17:54 18 ℃

The 2022 election of the Philippines has already kicked off, according to the regulations, the current President Duttert cannot seek a remember. Dutterte and his daughter Sarah are aimed at the place of the vice president. Although Duttermathers have a very high reputation in the Philippines, the final result of the election can only be finalized. In this case, the Philippine's pro-authentic people have begun to actively. Recently, 2 of the Philippines replenished boats to our new island reef, and our sea police ships found in time, and use high pressure water guns to block it. The Supply Ship of the Philippines failed to board our new island reef. The Philippines tried to destroy our territory and sovereign, but not only did not change their attitude, but condemned us. The Philippine Foreign Minister of the Philippines said that the Philippines' replenishment is subject to the asylum of the United States.

Speaking of this section of the territory of the Philippines, can be traced back to the 1990s. At that time, a ship of the Philippines was stranded on our island reef, and then the Philippines was forcibly residing on the island with a maintenance ship. Even fixing the ground into a "military base" in a 10-person rotation system. We have been negotiated with the Philippines, but they have not been properly resolved. Considering the life of the Philippines stationed, we allow the Philippines to transport the necessary drinking water and food on the island. Over the past, the warships that were stranded early were too old, and they did not have the necessary maintenance, and the Philippines forced to stay on the island in order to compete for the territory. This time, two puff ships were sent, not only to transport food, and even transported the material of the warship. After all, only the warship still exists, the Philippines has the reason for continuing to stay. The external analysis believes that the Philippines replenish the boat in the island reef is the Philippines showing actions to the United States. The Foreign Minister of Philippines specializes in the protection of the Philippines in the United States, which is intended to be deterrent to us. However, from the previous performance of the United States, when faced with true conflicts, the United States is unlikely to extend their allies.

At present, the Philippines is in the critical moment of change elections, and its diplomatic attitude is one of the key points. Foreign Ministers of the Philippines have repeatedly published unfair speech, and frequently showed it to the United States. Due to some historical reasons, such a psychicity in the Filipino is not a small number. After Dutter off, the diplomatic attitude of the Philippines will have a large change, thereby choosing to follow the United States. At that time, peace and stability in the relevant regions will also be destroyed. Not only is it detrimental to our development, but also has a big impact on the entire Southeast Asia. Also, the United States wants to draw Southeast Asian countries in the Philippines in order to form a surrounded potential for us. The United States and the Philippines have a "visit forces agreement", under the framework of the agreement, the US military landed in the Philippines, and can be stationed in their territory. Dutter typerates the agreement once, but ultimately forced pressure recovery.