Whether it is broken with Putao, the five-eye alliance will boycott the collective Beijing Winter Olympics?Zhao Lijian responded one by one

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Whether it is broken with Putao, the five-eye alliance will boycott the collective Beijing Winter Olympics?Zhao Lijian responded one by one

2021-11-25 00:19:20 9 ℃

There have been several major events related to China in these days. First, Lithuania insisted on the "Representative Office" listing. My Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately took action and announced that the diplomatic relationship between neutrality was reduced to the agent level. And the West is driving, and there is a country in the United States, and it is intended that it is intended to fight against Beijing Winter Olympics, and even eliminate the "five-eye alliance" member.

Regarding the first thing, the non-songs are very clear, everything is to immember to be self-sufficient, no wonder anyone, and we will also take more countermeasures. Results, the European Union does not divide the blue-red saponis, forced to pull the assembly, and is really incredible.

The European Commission claims that they believe that the practice of Lithuania does not violate the "One Central China", trying to give the former, but also say that they will stand together. After receiving the support of the EU, Lithuania felt that he had a thigh, and suddenly became enough, and said that the country has always adhered to a Chinese policy and will continue to be related to Taiwan.

It can be seen that Lithuania is iron, and it is going to be black, while the EU is intended to help the abuse. So, is China's intended to have a diplomatic relationship with Lithuania? In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Zhao Lilian said that China's actions have fully reflected the strict position and will take all measures to safeguard national sovereignty.

And next, what should they intend to be mad, or correct the mistake, and the dead sheep. Zhao Lijian's words are very clear. We don't have a returning room for things. As long as Lithuanian cliff, then everything else has space, otherwise the agent is the lowest level relationship, and there is no reduction will only choose to break.

In other words, China is not willing to go to the worst step, but it is also prepared, and there is not much time for Lithuania, because we will never have patience. As for the European Union, they have had a promise to China on the issue of Taiwan. Now, it is time to abandon the righteous, and we will continue to bring this debt.

Then, the topic returned to the Winter Olympics. The British guy can be said that it is very bad. Even if you are dry, it is still going to call friends, collective, it is very bad. Therefore, at the 22nd reporter meeting, Zhao Lijian also responded again to the relevant issues. He pointed out that the Winter Olympics is the stage of the world's athletes. They are the protagonist, and the Chinese consistently opposes any words and deeds who will politics and violate the spirit of the Olympic spirit.

In other words, the Western parties have passionately, they can't come true that no one is concerned, don't come to us, it reduces epidemic prevention pressure. Of course, if there is a foreign athlete, it is also a great thing.

According to past cases, if the British and American countries have made decisions, the probability of Australia and Canada in the "five eye alliance" is almost 100%. New Zealand is not well judged. After all, the relationship between the latter and China is still friendly. It is not necessary to do so brain-free move. Frankly, what is the relationship with the opening ceremony of the Okino? I am afraid that many people still feel phlegm.

Finally, the Western countries always like to do a small action on the problem of China. I really don't know what it means. Do you think that we can't resist them? If you don't want to be naive, they don't want to come, we still have an invitation. Or that sentence, we will have a general account with the West later, I believe that this day will not be too long.