Also picking up!The United States exposed China to set the US military target in the desert, and there is a target target.

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Also picking up!The United States exposed China to set the US military target in the desert, and there is a target target.

2021-11-25 00:15:09 20 ℃

Since the US Navy Society website released the so-called "China's construction of the target to build a target of American aircraft carrier", Western media seems to open "in the western Chinese treasure hunt" model. In just a few days, there is a continuous message about China's new model more American aircraft carrier, the F-35 invisible fighter. On November 11th, "another American force center model was discovered in the Liberation Army."

The US "Power" website said on November 11 that the use of open source satellite photos found that China added a model of the US Air Force E-3 "Sentinel" in the shooting area of ​​advanced missile technology.

According to the report, the satellite photos on August 28 show that the two full-size E-3 early warning machine models appear on the main trails of the Western Desert Comprehensive Weapons Test Site in China, they are likely to simulate the anti-strike target of China's ballistic missile. "E-3 is integrated into China's main imaginary cracking target in the desert." The best way to eliminate any aircraft during conflict is to blow it on the ground. Compared to the US Navy's smaller E-2 series warning machine, the E-3 air command capacity is stronger, and only 31 E-3 early warning machines are also available throughout the US Air Force. This large-scale air command platform is a huge power multiplier, which supports the US tactical air combat strategy and as a key command, control and monitoring nodes, and decision makers in tactical air force.

The report believes that destroying the E-3 and other clumsy air support machines will greatly weaken the advantages of the US military in air combat and battlefield. "In fact, China itself is also a faithful supporter of the early warning machine, and puts on a series of advanced air warning platforms. It is obvious that China has attached great importance to this ability, how long is it to have a conflict with the United States? It may be destroyed. In view of this, China is planning to use the combination of 歼 -20 invisible fighters and ultra-remote empty air missiles to perform tactics that hunting the US warning machine, but destroy them before the latter takes off, still the best Action plan. "

What makes the United States is concerned that the US military stationed in Okinawa's Okinawa Air Force is permanently stationed with E-3 early warning machine. In the United States, the United States, the imaginary conflict in the United States, the Jialen Base is very susceptible to the attack of the Liberation Army ballistic missile and cruise missile. The main reserve bases of other US military, including the Anderson Air Force Base in Guam and even Wick Island, although it can also take off and landing E-3 if necessary, they are also located in the range of strikes of the PLA ballistic missile.

The Jiaguan Air Force Base, located in Okinawa, has a long-term e-3 early warning machine.

According to the report, once the large-scale conflict broke out, the primary task of the Liberation Army Missile Force is to destroy the air command platforms within these hits. Worse, the E-3 series warning machine has been discontinued from the Boeing 707 passenger aircraft that has been suspended, and the proper rate is not good, so it is more likely to destroy their opportunities than other models. The same situation also exists in other parts of the US military, but the key and high-value auxiliary models, including the E-8 "United Star" commander, RC-135 series reconnaissance machine, KC-135 fueling machine, etc. It is based on the growing aging Boeing 707 platform. "

The old driver noted that this is only one of the reports of Western media about "China Simulation US Military Assets". For example, the most recent Canadian "Han and Defense Comments" magazine said that the nearest satellite image shows that at least 4 American F-35 contact fighters model targets have at least 4 US F-35 contact fighters in Korla, China. "Han and Defense Comments" magazine editor-in-Chief claims that these F-35 fighter models may be the goal of "Dongfeng-16" ballistic missile of the PLA, "this is the US military base Send message".

"Hanhe Defense Comments" "" Finds at least 4 American F-35 invisible fighters in the PLA "

Another "aircraft carrier target" website "discovery" website "discovery" website

The website of the US Navy Society is the first to report that "the shape of the lack of the American aircraft carrier and destroyer" in the Xinjiang Desert "is discovered, and the oil is added to the 9th to add vinegar. It is 500 kilometers from the" American aircraft carrier target "before the distance. I found another "American aircraft carrier target", "it may be just built". The report also believes that putting the missile target in the inland, so that the live bullet is kept away from the sea, ensuring that the country cannot recover any fragments from the bottom of the sea, making the external intelligence of the outside world about China's missile capabilities more difficult.

In the old driver, the West is trying to shape the "China 's" China' s "China 's" China' s "China 's Simulation to Combat the US Military Objectives". And not, how is the authenticity of these reports, only need to jump out of the framework of Western media to find that the preparation of the US military simulates the military goals of the United States has never stopped, and the imaginary enemy of the Haidian Sanjun The troops did not cover the land of Russia, China, North Korea, Iran.

Is this still not explained who is preparing to provoke an armed conflict, threaten the world peace?