On November 3rd, India suddenly shouted, 4 strokes we didn't work, how to prevent it?

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On November 3rd, India suddenly shouted, 4 strokes we didn't work, how to prevent it?

2021-11-25 00:13:23 16 ℃

Three five minutes a day, understand the international military situation! I have to admit that the situation of the situation in China and India will be universal. I have just entered the November, and I have a big trick in November. 4 Remember the bureau to smash us. How to take it, Let's continue to see it!

Heavy punch 1: Start secret production of military drones.

According to media reports, India has developed a new military drone, saying that it is necessary to play an important role in reconnaissance monitoring, border security, maritime patrols and other aspects. Research institutions cows forced to blow, saying that stealth and high-speed landing technologies can be implemented, but also penetrate the opponent air defense system and implement depths and strikes, it is the world's and even the universe of the universe.

But the face is, the US professional thinkory is directly that India's bragging is relatively large, with India's military technology. At present, whether it is time, technology, and funds are not allowed, let alone India have never developed a stealth fighter Even the basic core technologies do not have, or hurry to raise money, ready to buy.

A Study of Swedes directly announced the data, India is the third largest military drone importer in the world. In December this year, I just ordered $ 3 billion in MQ-9 drones from the United States, land, sea, 10 air force each. 4 "Heron" drones have been rented from Israel in recent days. Seeing this here, I understand that India is the old fickle and committed, and it has a good mouth.

So why India turns to the drone? One is because of the last year, the military rented two MQ-9B drones, and played an important role in some actions, especially the Indian Navy's very satisfaction with the US drones, enhanced its in South India to China's warships. Investigation capabilities.

Once again, in order to fight China's "Wing Dragon 2" drone, we must know "Wing Dragon 2", but let the Indian army have a great shadow, especially in the interstitial line of Kashmir, Pakistan passes this wing dragon. An accurate blow in the artillery position,

At that time, the 48-wing drag of the Bar Rail was dispatched with 19 tons of bombs, far more than Indian M777 grenaders, which can be high, that is really to play the printing army!

Heavy punches 2: Network attacks my national defense military enterprise unit

According to Global Times, in recent days, we have captured a number of cyber attacks from India. Most of these attacks are aimed at our national defense military and state-owned units. But the means is also a bullion, that is, an attacker disguised into a government or military personnel to send a phishing link, and induce the target access, resulting in the input account password.

India launches online attacks to China, nor does it know who is confident? Indian hackers have also used many kinds of network attack methods very varied, and the production of fishing mail PDF documents is also particularly like real, fake fishing pages are also visually and true, for those who are careless. Said still have a risk hazard.

To say that India is really unexpected, because this is also a high-tech thing, in which we are impressed, India is also charting on the border, dry point. I didn't expect to kill the invisible battlefield, and it seems that this magical country we have to prevent, always be vigilant.

Heavy punches: Gearing with the United States.

Recently, the US Army and the Indian Army have recently held a bilateral military exercise of "preparing the fighting" in Alaska. 350 soldiers at the 7th yard of the Indian Army Madras Group participated, and these Indian participating soldiers were served in the Himalayas that bordered China.

The US media reported that this training includes the survival of severe weather conditions, aerial medical rescue, mountaineers training, light weapons shooting, and in the mountains. Almost all the contents of the play of the plateau mountain, is this unlimited? Ming put the exercise is targeted.

Indian media reported that the purpose of this joint exercise is to teach best practical experience. By betterness to ensure the ability of the US Indian and India for the common opponents, but also said that 2022 exercises have been conspired, Hold in the Himalayas, provocation is full.

Heavy boxes four; Yin Army show muscles in the "Ladak" area.

On November 2, there was news that the Indian Army and Air Force held a "airborne combat" military exercise in the so-called "Ladak" eastern region, it is worth noting that more than 200 special soldiers are thrown in the form of airdrops in the exercise. In this area, although this person does not have a substantial effect, this behavior accelerates the tensions of China and Indies.

This time, this is a total of 3 days, and this airotropical investment takes 2 days, indicating that the Yin army has limited high delivery capacity of more than 4,000 meters above sea level. Attractive 20 ° C, "Super Vital God" transport aircraft and "An-32" The aircraft shipped from 5 military bases, and it was also a difficulty.

However, we have to pay attention to this, but after the battle in the Sino-Indocal Wanhe Valley in May last year, the Yinjun's largest "force show" in the so-called "Radak" region. Just more than 10 days ago, the Ying Army also the third-generation fighter deployed in front of the frontier airport of the front of the Garawan River.

After reading the 4 tricks of the Indian army, what do you have any questions about the netizens say that you have a good way of prevention, welcome to leave a message!