The firepower is comparable to 3000 ton frigate, Russian new patrol ship is out of the sea, and the drainage is 1800 tons!

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The firepower is comparable to 3000 ton frigate, Russian new patrol ship is out of the sea, and the drainage is 1800 tons!

2021-11-25 00:17:09 19 ℃

With the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, the world's first military strong country is definitely a US military fans who don't say hawk sauce, and the Russian family is of course a relatively powerful country. Although ranking second, compared with the former Soviet Union, the military strength is seriously shrinking, one of the specific embodiment is that the large water-saving battleship remains.

The eagle sauce has a 10 aircraft carrier, two fifer-level aircraft carriers, and the future will build 2 Furtranes. The number of overall nuclear power aircraft carriers will reach 14, this strength is far ahead. And Russia has always been eating old, a large number of large waterfall warships have excessive service with long-term use years. At present, our northern neighbors have only one aircraft carrier, but also in the overhaul stage. The reason is because because the former Soviet Heavy Industry Base is Ukraine, after disintegration, our northern neighbors and Ukraine have a poor relationship, leading to unable to produce large water-saving battleships.

Our northern neighbors are also aware of this problem. In recent years, we have increased the manufacturing of large water-saving warships in recent years. It is currently capable of producing a battleship with a certain tonnage. Recently, Shel Gakovou is starting from the Black Sea New Rossi Navy base, and the sea trial in the sea is marked with a battleship built by Russia to be in service.

The 22160 patrol ship was first put in service in 2019, and the number is the latest, it is expected to join the Pacific Fleet. This patrol ship drains 1800 tons, speed 30, sea self-holding force 60 days. If only from tonnage, it is basically a warster of light frigate, but Russian is a necessity. The small patrol ship loaded 76 mm of the main gun, 2 a 14.5 mm caliber heavy machine, and 2 Dutelie 8 joint missile vertical transmitter.

16 missile launch units can transmit a large amount of air defense missile and shore missile or ship missile in a short time, and the extent of firepower is not more than 3,000 tons of frigate. Such a battleship is used to patrol off the sea, it will be resolute.

The mass production of the 22160 battleship marks a big step in our northern neighbors in the development of large battleships and construction.