Both fighters did not choose?Iran introduced 100 combat machines from abroad, experts: suitable choice

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Both fighters did not choose?Iran introduced 100 combat machines from abroad, experts: suitable choice

2021-11-25 14:43:20 14 ℃

As a military powerful country in today's world, the United States has a huge aircraft carrier group that makes many countries envy and advanced fighters. The United States also uses this as a "sea free navigation" behavior, which is constantly inserted with other countries, especially in the Middle East. In the face of the United States so rampant, it will naturally not let other countries grabbed the throne. However, Russia is just a match with the United States as a military power, so the United States always constantly contains Russia, and is alert Russia to grow. However, it is worth noting that the US military has been in action from Afghanistan, which has shown that the United States has weakened in the Middle East, so the United States turns to transfer the center of gravity to the Asia Pacific region.

As we all know, the United States has always been our own interests. The United States is the first in the Middle East is also for local abundant oil resources and arms interest. Therefore, many people think that the United States will not easily lose this "fat" in the Middle East. After all, the Middle East is rich in oil resources. It is an essential fuel for modern weapons and equipment, and the United States is a big military equipment. The oil resources are serious, give up the control of the Middle East, which will be double interests in the United States: No The benefits of the Middle East, but also facing the oil fuel costs in our country.

As the big country in the Middle East, Iran is always different from the United States. In fact, Iran has always dismissed the US hegemony, and it will sing against the United States from time to time. Iran is negotiating with the US nuclear agreement with the United States, and both sides are also mutually changing in front of the interests. They have been stalemate and difficult to achieve satisfactory results.

In addition, the United States is also worried that once the control of the Middle East is lost to Iran, it will be difficult to stabilize in the development of Iran. Iran 's oil resources in the Middle East "rich enemy", and oil can refine into enhanced uranium, will greatly affect the international status of the United States. The United States does not want Iran to grow, according to the reason, Iran's weapon ban can be purchased, but the United States is 百 加 阻, but finally did not succeed. It is reported that Iranian plans to purchase 100 combat machines from abroad for military creation, originally wanted to choose models from China or Russia, of which China's alternative model is 歼 -10, Russia is Su-35, these two The fighters are very close, it can be seen that Iran wants to build a military equipment.

However, when people guess, Iran's fighter orders have been finalized, Russia and China's fighter Iran have no choice, but alternally, the Russian Sau-30 fighter is selected. The outside world is very confused, but experts say that for Iran, Su-30 fighter prices are more favorable, and it is better for Iran's economic conditions.