alert!"The United States added stationary power" recently or was confined, there was a conspiracy behind

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alert!"The United States added stationary power" recently or was confined, there was a conspiracy behind

2021-11-25 14:43:31 13 ℃

These table media are very easy to provoke two-strait sensitive nerves in a hot fried: the US military has increased. This news was originally exploded by the US "Foreign Policy" magazine, and it is known as the data of the DEFENSE MANPOWER DATA Center in Pentagrans. According to the truth, the military data stationed overseas is a top secret, especially in the Taiwan Sea direction. At this time, the number of US media broke the news in this area to speculate that the United States really wants to change the "Strategic Ambiguity policy in Taihai". ?

According to "Free Times", the Time News Network is reported that the US authoritative magazine "Foreign Policy" has recently disclosed that the US Department of Defense is quietly adding troops to Taiwan to protect US Embassy and training Taiwan. The army, and pointed out that the number of US military has grown steadily, may represent Washington's concerns about Taiwan's situation gradually increase, and more and more national defense experts have begun to doubt the Strategic Ambiguity policy, think this is not conducive to scareful continent. " The force of the force. "

Freedom Times report page screenshot

"Foreign Policy" quoted the information of the "Defense Manpower Data Center" in the Pentagon, which announced that the number of US military in Taiwan has further increased, including 29 land teams, 5 Air Force, 3 Naval and 2 offers officers and men. According to the tracking data in June of the center, there were 30 US military officers and men at the same time, 23 of whom were officers and men of the land team.

Screen capture reported by "Foreign Policy"

"Foreign Policy" said that this number may not include a special warfare unit previously arrived from Taiwan to help force training. The "Wall Street Journal" and other media said that this task includes approximately 24 special warfare and auxiliary personnel; in addition to Taiwan The number of civilian staff in the Pentagon did not change, and it was maintained around 15.

The article in Taiwan's news network said that "foreign policy" pointed out that deployment of the US military in Taiwan, which has significantly increased over Obama and Trump, only about 10 people during the governance, and the latter increased to approximately 20 people; and the number of people in Taiwan has grown steadily, may represent the concerns about Washington's situation in Taiwan.

Time news network covered screenshot

The report of the Green Median "Free Times" emphasized that although the number of military income soldiers is not much, the increase is obvious, almost twice the last year.

After the exchange of the relevant military experts, Lao Liu was exchanged with the relevant military experts, the judgment of "authoritative data" in the "Diplomatic Policy" magazine is "the Decree General", because the DEFENSE MANPOWER DATA CENTER is in the information A large number of confidential information involved in the US military overseas, is not publicly visible, can be said to be so meticulous, specifically to dozens of military people, how many of the US Air Force, how much from the US Navy Marine Team can pull a clear It can't rule out that this is another "cut sausage" of the United States, and the intention is what kind of response will be seen in the continent.

From the report of "Foreign Policy", it can also be seen that some US elite classes are increasingly emotional for the "strategic fuzzy" policy of the United States. According to the report, the more and more US Republican Members and national defense experts began questioning the US "strategic fuzzy" policy, such as the "2049 Program Research Institute", the "2049 Program Research Institute", said that this kind of policy did not The North Korea from "invading" South Korea, did not stop the North Vietnamese "invasion" South Vietnam, nor to stop Iraq from invading Kuwait in 1990, calling on the US to further openly support Taiwan.

However, the attitude towards this in the United States is also obvious. The article "Foreign Policy" mentioned that some people worried that the US military increased in Taiwan's strength, which may make Huasheng unnecessary to defend this island to further expand the deployment of US strength, and violated the Bunden authorities seem to be more Many US military is pocardizing the desire to lack from overseas conflicts.

Lao Liu believes that the US media is disclosed in the United States in the Taiwan military, the US military is strengthening the military cooperation with the Taiwan army is an objective fact. The US "business insider" website is not disclosed, and the US Army Special Forces "Green Beret" member rotates to Taima to help the training gate army. Among them, the first special combat brigade of the special force is responsible for India, the brigade personnel is rotated to perform training tasks in the island. It is reported that in order to implement the training task, the "Green Beret" first special combat brigade must have to master local language and culture in advance, and prefer to select people from Taiwan.

Screen capture reported by the US "business insider"

According to the American media statement, the implementation of this training task not only has the US Army's "green beret", the "special rash group" of the Marine Corps, the Navy's "Seal Command" and other US special forces have related training. Task. According to Taiwanese media reports, there was a group of US military wars to Taiwan in October, and a probatation of the Marine Team, the Amphibial Squadron, the Jungli, and the Amphibial Squadron, and this military security cooperation has been proclaimed in a row. A prior case.

In May of this year, the US Department of Defense, the Assistant Minister of Defense, said in the hearing of the US Military Committee, the beauty should seriously consider the assistance of Taiwan to enhance combat capabilities, and the US special forces can teach the enemy in Taiwan. Fang amphibious landing or enhances the skills required to "defend Taiwan". Senator has even recommended the US special forces to resist the "land resistance system" of the "enemy". The US military's so-called "underground resistance system" training refers to the "enemy" landing occupation, special forces implement "indwelling operations", hidden into civilian secrets, civilian reserve soldiers or civilians have been cultivated, and there are systems to fight, give them "Enemy" continues to fight. It has been analyzed that the US special forces have implemented related tasks in Syria, and do not exclude the possibility of such training on the Taiwan military. Old Liu believes that from the recent representation of the United States, it is often judged that the strategy of China is often formed in the implementation of a holistic package program, and then disclosed in a way that seems to be an independent event. Recently, the development of weapons in the Chinese military is an example: first say that the satellite has taken China's missile target, which seems to have discovered the same aircraft carrier shape in a few days. In fact, these materials are early in the United States.

However, if the words come back, China has developed and experimental facilities in the construction of the weapons in their own country, and these facilities are built outdoors, and they do not use other ways to block. The US satellite should take it early, how can I still? Today, I found this, I found that tomorrow, it is obviously implemented in the rhythm of China's military threats.

In the United States, the United States often uses this mode of operation, on the one hand, the motor reconnaissance, crossing, on the other hand, by the US Coast Guard and Taiwan to strengthen the interaction of the squad. In addition, the US military also used this model in Taiwan, first with the United States, "Wall Street Journal", the US Army, the Special Forces of the Navy, from last year, they have traveled to Taiwan to help the Taiwan military training. "Business Insider" discloses "Green Beret" to perform related training. In the "Foreign Policy", the new changes in the US military at the Taiwan army will not rule out the US will have a series of new tricks to test China's bottom line.

It seems that we must continue to strengthen the cruise of the fighter in Taihai. It is necessary to give more direct and more compulsive responses to the US ship to wear Hang Taihai. We must dare to fight and be good at struggle.