The United Nations has been mutated, and the US Russia is rare, and 184 countries collectively support India.

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The United Nations has been mutated, and the US Russia is rare, and 184 countries collectively support India.

2021-11-25 14:42:55 5 ℃

As our neighboring country, the development of recent years has been questioned in the outside world. In such cases, India is very uncomfortable, and there is a contrast between my country, my country R & D weapons, India R & D weapons, we create dam, India I have also begun to promote my infrastructure technology in the international community. However, in the expected, the outside world does not "approach" India, after all, India often publicize the plan, but finally has no good news. In this context, India has always been very confident, and even thinks that their strength exceeds the United States.

In military, India's strength has indeed improved, but most weapons are not their own research and development, but to buy in the United States and Russia, US Russia as the world's two military power, have a strong military Strength, the weapons developed are also very advanced. Therefore, India believes that their strength is strong enough. In the face of this situation, India began to engage in international influence, and more importantly, India is more After all, the second application is added, after all, the United Nations five often have a privilege, that is, "one vote veto".

It is even more unexpected that India is very persistent in this matter, and has been apply, in the new Council election, the country has received 184 votes, including US Russia. It is reported that in the UN General Assembly, there are more than 200 countries to participate in voting, even Russia voted, and more than 180 countries such as the United States support India. I learned that the outside world of this news was very shocked. After all, many countries did not agree with India. Some people were questioned. Is this Indian really going to usually? The United Nations also has to change six often?

In the face of questioning, military experts have analyzed that India can get support for so many countries, in fact, because the country is a "fat". To know, although India's strength is not strong, this country is very surprised to military blood, simply, India's purchase of weapons is not awkward, plus India is a country behind, and naturally needs development. In addition, India also has support for the United States and Russia, US Russia as a world strong country, it is bound to be objects that are not sinned by other countries, so some countries have also begun to cast a ticket after seeing US Russia.

In fact, in a certain extent, US Russia did not dare to defend India. Once it is not as good as India, India will not buy a weapon again. So, US Russia will lose a large source of economic, so for the US Russia, obviously will not India is right. In general, Meiyin cooperates to promote the printing, while Russian printing has brought huge benefits to Russia, so there are 184 countries that are in India.