The United States conspiracy is finally destroyed!After Russia, Cambodia also shocked, to force!

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The United States conspiracy is finally destroyed!After Russia, Cambodia also shocked, to force!

2021-11-25 14:42:41 8 ℃

For a long time, in order to suppress the Sino-Russian, Eurasian, China and Russia, can be described as an excellent conspiracy. In Europe, "NATO Eastward Expansion" has been sent aircraft to reconnaissance Russia, pulling Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland and other countries to engage in military exercises. In Asia, the surrounding countries in China engage in "India", send electronic reconnaissance vessels to collect the liberation army ship data, send the destroyer, and the hosted ship violation of China Nanhai sovereignty, the transportation machine is connected to the Taihang Island Interference China. Not only that, but also visited Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, and lary these countries and China.

Even in February next year, the "five eye alliance" headed by the US and Australia is intended to carry out "diplomatic boycott", at this time, Russia stood out, the Kremlin announced that Putin was invited to participate in Beijing East Olympics Will open. And, Russian Presidential Spokesman Peskov also said that Russia may have a negative attitude towards the United States.

Recently, Putin is a sense, and China and Russian relations are in the "Historical History". Russia will continue to strengthen the development and neighboring friendship relationship between China. Any behavior of any attempted to provoke China Russia will not succeed.

In addition, in addition to the high evaluation and recognition of Sino-Russian relations, On the 23rd, the Russian party also gave a word of words, and the behavior of Lithuania and other countries "洋 自 重 政 操", "purely stupid", will only make themselves Some Western countries have implemented the "foot stone" of political purposes. Also, Russia also reaffirmed the support of China.

Putin's deighted speech, it can be described as a face of the United States. Not only that, in the United States, the United States is surrounded by China, and the surrounding strategic situation around China, Cambodia also stood up and said fair words for China.

On the 23rd, Cambodia Prime Minister Hongson was attending the "Sports Lord-Grove Middle Friendship Bridge" throughout the car ceremony and the opening ceremony of the 71C Highway, Chinese friends are the most powerful, and the Chinese people provide assistance in Cambodia is always "The most powerful", Cambodia's strategy to supply China as a new crown vaccine is the most correct decision-making.

Hong Sen also pointed out that in 15,000 kilometers of the country in Cambodia, 3,000 kilometers was built by China; the 20 bridges in the country, 10 were built in China, and every bridge, each road can bring to the local people. True interest.

Hong Sen also said that he attended the "Sentron-Grove Macaron-friendship Bridge" attended the car ceremony, which can greatly facilitate the people, because they have to spend a lot of time every day, they have to spend a lot of time. money.

In addition, Hun Sen also accused some Western countries "criticizing Cambodia to rely on which countries", saying that they have promised to provide assistance, but they often don't have anything.

It can be seen that who is doing practical things, who is in the crowd, a glimpse. The United States wants to pass the relationship between China and the surrounding countries through the "empty check", and the vicious heart is clear. I believe in the sincerity of China who has seen it.