Russian defense: the US Air Force rises to Russia, only 20 kilometers from the border recently

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Russian defense: the US Air Force rises to Russia, only 20 kilometers from the border recently

2021-11-25 14:43:09 14 ℃

(Observer Network) According to Reuters, local time November 23rd Bringing exercises, these aircraft's flight is less than 20 kilometers from the Russian border.

The US Pentagon announced that this exercise was announced at the time and complied with all countries and international requirements and agreements.

According to the analysis, Russia's allegations were proposed in terms of Ukrainian problems - US officials expressed concern that Russia may attack Ukraine, but Russia said this statement is nonsense.

Russian National Defense Minister Saui Gu (left) and total quarter staff Glasimov Grand: Visual China

According to Reuters, Saui Gu said that Moscow pays attention to the activities of the US strategic bomber, and the US strategy bomber has taken 30 flights near Russia this month. This figure is 2.5 times the same period last year.

The US simulation of Saui is dissatisfied with the Russian nuclear strike. In a statement, the Russian Ministry of National Defense said that "National Defense Minister stressed that during the US military exercise" Global Thunder, 10 US strategic bomber drills from the two directions to Russia The situation of nuclear weapons "," The minimum distance from our country border is 20 km. "

Saui Gu said that the Russian Air Defense Force discovered and followed the US strategic bomber and took an unmetive measures to avoid any incidents.

It is worth noting that this statement of Shahi is presented when the Chinese State Council and the Minister of Defense Minister Wei Feng held a video call. Saui Gu said that the US Air Force Strategy Bomber has obviously strengthened the activities in the eastern border areas of Russia, and the US military continuously drifted missile attack tactics, and its actions also pose a threat to China.

Shaoxu emphasizes that Russia and China's relationship becomes more and more important in the case of "the world's geopolitical turmoil exacerbates and conflicts".

For Russian allegations, the US Pentagon gives another rhetoric.

"These tasks are public announcement, and (strategic order), (European Command), allies and partner work closely plan to ensure maximum training and integration opportunities." Five Universal Building spokesperson Anton Semir Rose said that this action "complies with all national and international requirements and agreements".

Disclosure, "Global Thunder" is the annual nuclear command exercise of the US Strategic Command, aimed at testing and presenting preparations for US nuclear capabilities. This year, the B-52 bomber with nuclear weapons of nuclear weapons, participated in the "Global Thunder" exercise.

Last week, Russian President Putin briefed the relevant action of the US Air Force, complaining about the "very serious weapon" of Western strategy bombers near Russia. Putin also said that the West is accepting Moscow warnings, don't be too rash, cross the "red line".

According to reports, on the 23rd, Mirai, a President of the Tanji, the US Chief of the US President, by the US, By the telephone, but both sides did not disclose the content of the conversation.

According to the analysis, Russia's allegation is proposed in the United States.

Russia also accused the provocation and irresponsible behavior of the United States, NATO and Ukraine, pointing out that the United States provides weapons to Ukraine, and NATO's military exercises near its border.