10 military machines approached, 20 kilometers from the Russian border!Key time, Russia hurriedly shouted China

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10 military machines approached, 20 kilometers from the Russian border!Key time, Russia hurriedly shouted China

2021-11-25 14:43:33 23 ℃

The United States has started to Russia's new round of sanctions! The situation in the Black Sea is in the first place of the US military warship, but has come to an end. Unexpectedly, I didn't discuss the US military in the sea, and I started to pull back in the air! According to reports, more than 10 military machines were approaching the Russian territory, including only 20 kilometers from the Russian border!

Obviously, US Russia has developed toward the "unusual" relationship, and there is more trend. Ukraine speculation is Russia nearly 100,000 military teams deployed in the Russian, which basically has a US hand. The news leaked from the internally in the US military, which is to expand the Russian conflict. Although the Russian said that the situation is the result of its undesirable, the US gradually presses the move, which is obviously in the relationship between the United States and Russia.

Not to mention, the US military also used nuclear weapons this time, which can be considered a "turning point" in both parties. The nuclear weapon is considered a thing of the two sides. After the US Russia announced the number of nuclear warheads, everyone did not talk too much in this respect.

Now, the US military conducts nuclear weapons in Russia, the purpose is to want to go to the bottom of Russia and get relevant information. And this can be a subtle move, if the US is planning and Russian alleviation relationship, how can I try Russia's preparation for nuclear weapons?

Obviously, the actions of the United States are provocative. The United States took the lead in Russia's hair, whether it is to apply the Russian border to deploy military strength, or constantly rendering to Russia's situations, are sanctions against Russia! Contact Ukraine claims that the United States has a promise to Ukraine, which will never let Ukraine a person a person. And this is also explained as the United States will escort Ukraine, not let the latter suffer from Russia! But this is also inevitably a problem, that is, the United States will definitely talk to Russia, both of them will have conflicts. In addition, Ukraine continues to purchase military equipment, first in the English-Used agreement, and then expressing 11 military planes to France, it is more nervous to make the atmosphere between the United States.

As the Russian conflict is further upgraded, the US Russia relationship has become highly tense. According to the Russian, the comparison of only 3 times in 2019, the US military emerged in the Ekoxo Sea in 2020, which is very unexpected, up to 22 times. The US military This is a trend that constantly violates the border, has posted a big threat.

The United States will play big move, Russia's reaction is bright! Shao Yugu pointed out that the US military's play of the eastern border of Russia, not only threatened Russia, but also threatened China! Relevant persons are analyzed, critical moments, Russia hurriedly shouted China. This is not a slow act, it is very likely to not want to talk to the American white fee, want to speak with strength! (Colorful cloud)