US media: Electronic war plus artillery, the Russian army in the border is stronger than 7 years ago, Ukraine is unlikely

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US media: Electronic war plus artillery, the Russian army in the border is stronger than 7 years ago, Ukraine is unlikely

2021-11-25 14:43:07 22 ℃

According to the US "Forbes" website reported on November 23, 2021, seven years ago, the Russian army was positioned with a drone, and electromagnetic interference with electronic interference machine, then destroyed a strong Ukrainian armor on paper on paper. force.

Today, the Russian army assembled in the eastern border of Ukraine has more drones, more interference machines and a large number of artillery. Many observers are worried that if Russia public invades Ukraine, then the Russian army may destroy Ukraine's strongest troops to let Ukraine almost lose defense.

[Russia "Torn" mobile reconnaissance system]

Anthony Analla wrote in the Anthony Analla in the Army 2020 (Armor) magazine: "Russia has combined the drone system with electronic warfare, interfere with the enemy's position and spoof These systems also provide target instructions for indirect weapons aiming, the latter usually aims to have a target with strong electronic signal characteristics. In contrast to the motorization force, the fire support force often debut in the final stage of action in Action in Russia, this It is the continuation of the Fighting mode of the Soviet Union. "

The article said that in July 2014, the Ukrainian militia supported by Russia occupied the land of the Eastern Tarten Bas, Ukraine, there was a later thing.

AMOS Fox pointed out in the 2019 Edition "armor" magazine: "The mechanization war dominated the initial stage of Russian-Ukrainian war."

At the beginning of July 2014, the three-zonless Ukrainian army was assembled in the vicinity of Zelenopillya, the Russian border, and was prepared to launch an attack on local armed control.

The article pointed out that the three Ukrainian Army Travel and a border guards gathered in the camp. The 24th Mechanized Travel, the 72nd Mechanized Travel and the 79th Aerial Assault Tour with T-64 Tanks, BMP Battle, Engineering Vehicles and Trucks. Russian drones conducted reconnaissance in Ukrainian aggregation camps. Ukraine successfully smashed a sea eagle-10 drone, but it could not stop Russia to determine their location. On the morning of July 11, the Russian army invaded the Ukrainian Command Center and interfered with its radio signal.

[Russia RB-636 Svet-ku signal intelligence system]

Fox Young Explanation: "At 4:30 in the morning, due to Russian network and electronic attacks, the Ukrainian army lost communication skills. These troops have no normal communication, followed by Russian multi-tube rockets and ruthless attacks."

Deployment of 122 mm multi-tube rockets near Russia, Russia, Russia, gave Ukrainian camp destruction. This attack caused the Ukrainian army brigade of the assembly into a paralyzed. A few weeks later, Kiev recalled the survivor.

The article pointed out that the Russian army deployed in eastern Ukraine and its surrounding areas is more capable and more capable of repeating 2014 attacks than ever. European Security and Cooperation Organization noted that Russia deployed a large number of electronaut warrants in Donbas this year.

The article said that these electronic warfare systems include "Torn) mobile reconnaissance system and RB-636 Svet-KU signal intelligence system, which can be accurately positioned Ukrainian troops by tracking radio signals; RB-341V Leer-3 electronic warfare system Haiying-10 drones carrying mobile interference payload combined with command systems on Kamaz-5350 trucks; R-934B Sinitsa radio interference machine and R-330ZH "residents" capable of blocking satellite communication links (Zhitel) Electronic interference system.

[Russian Haiying-10 drone]

The article pointed out that it is expected that Russia will also conduct the same electronic interference to the Ukrainian army. Once these troops are not able to communicate normally, they find that they are lost, they can't receive orders, and the Russian shells will pour.

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