Japan is a powerful intervention in Taiwan, and Australia is ready to defend Taiwan.

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Japan is a powerful intervention in Taiwan, and Australia is ready to defend Taiwan.

2021-11-26 00:02:04 6 ℃

After meeting in China, he reiterated that "Taiwan independence" did not encourage "Taiwan independence" and did not recognize "Taiwan independence", but the United States can "agree" according to the US domestic law "and Taiwan Relations". "

Although the United States "does not take the initiative, does not refuse, it is not responsible", the state is like a slag male, but this makes the United States have a new idea.

Japan is ready to move

I changed the new prime minister, but the ambition behind Japan still did not change, and they began to develop their own combat efforts.

The Japanese Defense Minister's Chan Cinch has repeatedly stated, "" To make a conflict of the Taiwan Sea, do a good job in military preparation. " So not only said, but also did it.

In late November, the Japanese Defense Provincial Union Staff will conduct a comprehensive exercise in the Self-defense team near Diaoyu Islands and Taiwan, and the discounted content goal clearly explicitly expressed the training "Electronic War".

Moreover, Japanese defense province has decided to build an electronic warfare force that deployed approximately 70 people in Okinawa Prefecture, and increased the Diaoyu Islands and Taiwan Dynamism.

It is 110 km from Taiwanese Island, Diaoyu Islands, 150 km from Diaoyu Islands.

What is this close? What is the Japanese thinking? The Japanese interpretation says that when the Taiwan Strait has emergency, Japan's intelligence information collection capabilities, and the defense province will completely complete the deployment time of 2023.

This, the Japanese self-defense team is also a police and missile forces in Shiji Island in Okinawa Prefecture. In the military resident of Yiquan Island, Palace Island, and Kagoshima Prefecture, the military resident, the ammunition procurement fee is up to 253.7 billion yen.

This is also a few islands that are also very close to Taima.

Japan is obviously related to Taiwan Sea than the US, and such big movements have made the United States to question. Therefore, Japan is "self-evidence and white", agreed to the US $ 2022, the US military stationary funds, and the growth requirements of the US quota. You must know that South Korea has died in the fight against this high unreasonable fees, and Japan also expressed his opinion.

Take a short man, eat people's mouth, the United States is not easy to put. Moreover, the Japanese have special experience in the small aspects of the low, and they have given the reason for the first two: first, China and Russia are quickly strengthening the attack ability of the electronics war, and then "China threat"; second, if the Taihai There is a wind blowing, Japan will tell the United States in the first time; Satellite positioning system interference.

Japan said that all this is to serve the US military and willing to spend about 3.1 billion yen (about $ 27.39 million). But the ambition behind Japan is undoubted.

Is Australia sacrificed to Taiwan?

Like Japan, Australia also said in Taiwan. Some politicians began to advocate exaggerated "China Threat" with the "Defense Taiwan".

How exaggerated?

Australian front Army Major Jim Molan made an amazing speech. After 3 to 10 years, a war around Taiwan will start, Australians will have to participate.

This pre-architecture called "Ferlujust" is more ridiculous - if Australia does not support Taiwan, Taiwan is captured, and the Chinese will invade Australia.

This ridiculous idea, the internal problem of China and thousands of miles of the invasion is the continent of foreigners. This kind of sensational report for China, even with the Australian Strategic Policy Research Institute insisted that Australians must be prepared for "defending Taiwan" and sacrificed, which is a true threat.

As one of the most tough officials in the Morrison government, the Australian Defense-General Peter Daton said, Washington took action to defend Taiwan, Australia affirmed. However, after the meeting of China, the Australian anti-mouth said that it is unlimited to the United States, we need your own weapons.

Australia has rendered the "China Threat" atmosphere. After the Australian breaks trading, they got a radical identity, and these people called for increased military spending and became a war machine.

Such irrational criticism has been severely criticized by the former Prime Minister of Australia - Taiwan is not an important interest in Australia, which is not worthy of Australia.

It is incredible that after Morase is amazing, such a program actually promotes advertising for Australian National Defense Technology Co., Ltd., with error to interpret China's speech creation panic to promote armed drones. On the other hand, the Morrison government is difficult to ride the tiger after suffering, in the face of multi-party accused to harm the Australian interests, the atmosphere of the "China Threat" is also increased, and choose a road Go black.

But Victoria, Western Australia, "Drain", can be seen that Morrison advocates "fighting and sacrifice for" Defense Taiwan '", it is the road to walk. (Jin Xuan)