What is the war?In the border of the soldiers, the guns were killed, Russian continuous military exercises, and threatened advanced missiles.

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What is the war?In the border of the soldiers, the guns were killed, Russian continuous military exercises, and threatened advanced missiles.

2021-11-26 00:02:31 12 ℃

Europe may have never thought of, one day refugee crisis will bring a war crisis to Europe. Due to the large number of Middle Eastern refugees gathered in the Border Area of ​​Belarus, they are facing more and more severe survival crisis, and they are risks, and the more and more frequent frequency is increasing, Poland, Lithuania and other countries face a growing risk of conflict between border border.

According to Xinhua News Agency, November 15th, the Polish security department disclosed that a soldier suffered a shot after the mission in Poland and the Belarus border. It was a very sensitive border issue, because this incident suddenly nervous, but afterwards were "false a game", this incident belongs to an accident.

According to the declaration of the Polish 17th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, this soldier is unfortunately killed because of his arms that we carry, unlikely to do with refugee events.

However, this incident also proves from the side, the atmosphere of the current border area is very subtle, because in these days, Belarus's neighbors have sent a large number of army to the border, Poland even tested 12,000 troops, dispatched water guns, armored vehicles And the helicopter drove refugees; at the same time, Belarus President Lukashenko disclosed by the media: someone is providing weapon ammunition to refugees to provoke a border conflict. Imagine that the weather in Europe is getting colder and colder. These refugees from the Middle East, such as Syria are soaked, and there is no dozens of people to die. Once there is a weapon, it means they have desperately. Book, what can happen next, no one dares to pack.

What is more complicated is that the refugee crisis is only part of a series of fierce contradictions between Belarus and Russia and the European Union. The root of this contradictory is the alliance relationship between Russia and Belarus. The EU has been seeking in Belarus to strategic color revolution; on May 23 this year, a flight from Greece at Athens to Lithuania, Vilnius flights, passing through white Russian airspace At the time, the security department is forced to degrade in the way "fraud", the real purpose is to arrest the opposition of the flight Plosevic.

This matter makes Europe and the United States have a pesty hair, and all kinds of accuses, threats, sanctions are coming. Belarus President Luchenko is not willing to show weakness, tough, and it is more close to Russia. Just in the beginning of this month, President Putin and Lukashenko jointly signed a series of documents such as the Alliance National Integration Decree, and the sound of "Russian and white merger, and the Soviet" after the news.

Although this is not the first signing of similar documents in Russia, I started to promote the establishment of "Russian and Body" and eventually establish new countries in 1996, but for so many years, between the two countries The difference is still quite large.

However, this time, Russia and Belarus face the political pressure of the EU and the military pressure of NATO. Under external force, it is likely to accelerate the integration process.

Embrace Russia is more closely embraced by Lukashenko to respond to the EU pressure; in the past period, in the face of various damages from Western countries, he has a refugee as a "weapon", but also threatened "Close Russia The oil and gas pipeline towards Europe is really useful or pulls Russia together.

For recent time, the Russian Bai Army has held multiple joint exercises in the border areas of the two countries. The background of the exercises should address the NATO invasion that may occur. In addition, according to the British "Financial Times" website, Lukashenko said before, I hope to deploy Russia's "Is Cantle" tactical missile system in his country. This is a very bad for the West. information.

The "Iskan" tactical missile system is the main model of the Army tactile missile of Russia, divided into two types: one is "M" type of the launch tactical ballistic missile, technology can carry a nuclear warhead, one is launching R- "K" type of the 500 cruise missile. Although the Russian side declares that the missile range of Iskel-M / K does not exceed 500 kilometers, and there is no violation of the previous "Middle Treaty Treaty", but the Western countries generally believe that Russia can easily increase the missile range to more than 500 kilometers. .

Once Russia deployed this missile in Belarus, then for the surrounding countries, there is no doubt is a deadly threat; because Belarus is located in the hinterland of the European mainland, it can threaten the southern, Ukraine, Ukraine. This makes the results of NATO Eastward.

The East Ukraine and the Crimea issue have not been resolved. Now Belarus and Poland borders have conflict crisis; after the end of the Cold War, these European countries are probably the first time they are so close. But the root of the problem is Russia expansion? It is not that NATO East Expansion, the US military is getting closer and closer to the Russian border.

Of course, these crises should not be eliminated, all parties sit down and conscientiously consult, the crisis of war will inevitably be eliminated, just Western countries, can you do it?