China-US summit, Russia suddenly carried out anti-satellite experiment

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China-US summit, Russia suddenly carried out anti-satellite experiment

2021-11-26 00:02:55 31 ℃

Russia selection sensitive time, suddenly carried out anti-satellite experiments, showing muscles to remind the world that they are still powerful, independent.

On November 15th, in the first day of China and the United States, Russia suddenly conducted a straight rising anti-satellite experiment. The so-called straight rises were to pull back the satellite after the missile launch. First enter the track, turn circle on the track and gradually approach the target. This experiment destroys an old satellite in the Soviet Union, and the US space monitoring system monitors the size of the satellite after the tested, the size fragment is generated, then more than 1,500 large pieces that can be tracked.

It is also estimated that the fine small pieces of bad track can have hundreds of thousands, and the Americans say that the satellite is very close to the international space station, and these debris may have conflict with the track of the international space station. It is possible to threaten The security of the international space station, and the United States also suggests that China's space stations may also be impacted. The results of this experiment were announced in Russia, which said that the debris is far from the space station orbit, minimum interval is more than 50 kilometers. However, I estimate that there is no accurate data at the beginning of Russia. After all, the fragmentation is not controlled.

So we saw the Russian astronaut in the international space station, and in the first time, we remember that Russia's spacecraft was done. Once the space station was hit, then the preparation of the space station escape, the whole process is particularly like a movie in the year. " Constitutional gravity. Just, the original gravitational movie is really hitting the space station. There are two details in this, and a detail is Russia for any means to destroy this old satellite.

Another detail is how Russia selection time, from the US monitoring result, satellite is being made to see that the Russian missile is very accurate direct hit satellite. It also seems to prove that Russia has been able to develop kinetic interceptors independently, and only two countries that have been able to develop KKV before this. If the United States and China, Russia's anti-satellite missiles really use KKV as a battle, and reached He claims that the biggest battle height of 700 kilometers, then its anti-satellite anti-warring ability can basically chase China and the United States, in the space war field, re-forming the three-legged situation.

Russia must be very clear, if you can't keep up, you can only look at your satellite, people's satellites come over, you have no temper, the future war is really possible to be defeated by the opponent, so Russia will strengthen themselves. The ability, and this debut should show the world to tell the world, Russia's military science and technology level is rebounding, not only eating old, not playing high-tech.

Also, the choice is not to know if it is interested, it is not intentional. It is just that the Chinese and American leaders meet, and the whole world is wide, concentrated on the timing of the Summit of China, although some people say that the international community is in the future, beautiful The tri-world formed by Russia, but it is clear that Russia's status is obviously less than Sino-US is so concerned. Because of this two days, this meeting is intentionally invisible to the two poles of the whole world, and Russia's action is equivalent to attending, reminding everyone, Russia is still there, you don't ignore .

In addition, Russia is now going to make such a test to display power as much as possible in 2023, because it is possible to ban the Treaty for Space Satellites, there is not enough ability, not enough in the future The negotiation table is bargaining on the relevant agreement. At present, the effect of this trial has appeared. The United States has believed that it is necessary to understand Russia's attitude, and must be more active to develop a strategy for international stability and US national interests. Incentive measures. Among them, the Global Space Traffic Management System cannot be used without Russia, through an experiment, persuading the United States to join Russian to decision-making mechanism, this is called the strength, the international speech is coming, it has never been vacant.