The bad thing is absolutely, but it is good to do it!Facing the strong strength of Iran, roaring in the US hysterical

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The bad thing is absolutely, but it is good to do it!Facing the strong strength of Iran, roaring in the US hysterical

2021-11-26 00:03:06 15 ℃

图片: US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin

Recently, the US Defense Minister will prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons at all costs at Iran! The US Defense Minister will looked at the heart of the Middle East, indicating that the US is now in the Iranian Iran, does not represent the US will compromise on this issue. In fact, the United States is just a proactive speculation of Iranian nuclear threat! And the United States, can be said to be a bad thing, but it is good to take advantage of it.

Because the United States has made Iranian nuclear threats, the meaning of the mutant is the meaning of Iran to develop nuclear weapons, and the United States is obliged to stop this. In fact, is Iran in R & D nuclear weapons? Iran said that there is no, Iran is just peaceful use of nuclear energy. Similarly, the International Atomic Energy Agency also went to Iran and did not give evidence from Iran to R & D nuclear weapons. Even, on the issue of Iran's ten years, it has also ended last October.

Figure: Tehran reactor

Therefore, at least from the current situation, Iran even is not full of US sanctions, it has achieved a concentrated uranium with abundance of 60%, but this does not reach the degree of weapon-level concentrated uranium. Moreover, preventing nuclear proliferation itself is not a business in the United States, but also sells the United States big bag! Therefore, the United States is now roaring in Iran, hysteria, saying what we must resolutely stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons, but it is a big flag, covering the facts of themselves.

If the United States is so concerned about the problem of nuclear proliferation, the United States should not pull up the United Kingdom to help Australia get a nuclear submarine. The United States sells nuclear submarines to Australia, why not stand up, what is strong to stop Australia from getting nuclear weapons? That is, because Australia is different from Iran, Australia is a firm allies in the United States, and in Australia, the United States is very good.

Figure: The Asa-Air Force base was attacked by the Iranian missile attack

Iran, not only with the United States, but also wants to pull the US backyard Venezuela, unite with the United States to dry! In this case, the US shouting shouting is not strange, this is not related to nuclear weapons. Moreover, it is currently a key period of negotiations in the United States and Iran! The United States has once again produced an Iran's nuclear threat, and it is large to stand on the basis of the pressure on Iran and try to force Iran compromise.

But Iran's attitude is very clear, this, we can also see from the attitude of the United States and now, can also be seen! Iran means one, the United States wants to talk, Iran can talk to the United States, but I hope that the United States will come out. The United States does not think about riding on the Iran. There is no doubt that in the face of strong Iran, if there is a way, the negotiations in front will not talk about the collapse, and now it will not make Iran's nuclear threats again, and I want to use public opinion to die. Iran.

Figure: Middle East US military base

In this matter, the US dilemma is also looking for! In fact, Iran is also very simple, the United States wants to return to the Iranian Agreement, and that Iran has no comments. However, since the United States has to return to the Iranian Agreement, then it can be canceled for the sanctions of Iran. It is such a short answer, but the United States cannot accept it. This further shows that the United States wants to return to the Iraqi agreement, and it is really no good!

The United States wants to return to the Iranian Agreement, but it is necessary to participate in it, then change the magazine to Iran! It doesn't have a good idea, and the United States will not cancel the sanctions against Iran, as this is obviously in violation of the original intention of the US returning to Iran. So, no matter how embarrassed America, Iran is not in a hurry, and the situation will not be worse than now! Instead, it is the United States, and it is more urgent to remember the relationship between Iran.