Move out of the United States to threaten us?Philippines illegally shipped to the sea police, I still want to try again

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Move out of the United States to threaten us?Philippines illegally shipped to the sea police, I still want to try again

2021-11-26 00:02:42 23 ℃

For a long time, the situation in the Asia-Pacific region presents a nervous state. Due to frequent provocation of the United States and its allies, the relevant regions have been in the risks. Recently, two replenishment boat at the Philippines attempts to enter our new island reef. After our sea police ship found an abnormal, immediately stopped the groundworked behavior of the Philippines and launched the water gun. The Philippines is strapping the maintenance of the military ship, and the violation is sent to our island reef. Over the years, the Philippines uses the replenishment ship to transport life materials for soldiers, and we have not blocked the humanitarian spirit. Recently, the Philippines transport building materials on the island reef, attempting to repair the shabby warships, in order to continue to live on our island reef. For the wrong behavior of the Philippines, we block and agree to keep communication at the diplomatic level.

The Philippines is not willing to give a good break. Foreign Minister Luo Chi said in its social media, the Philipptee strongly condemns us to replenish the boat. Even still moving out of the United States, trying to threate us. Luoqin said that the Philippine's replenishment is protected by the United States, and the United States has responded to this. The United States is obliged to intervene in this matter based on the relevant treaties and support the Philippines. Western countries such as the United States Of course, I hope to further disturb the situation in the Asia-Pacific region, and they have given views and accuse our legal behavior. Historically, the Philippines has accepted the US colonial rule in many ways. At the diplomatic level, the Philippines' intimate tendency is very obvious. Many officials inside the country also have to close to the United States. It is worth mentioning that the forthcoming Philippine President Dutterte is elected to change this situation. During its term, the Philippines actively develops friendly relations with the surrounding countries, and our relationship with the Philippines ushered in the new development direction.

The cooperation between the two countries in all aspects is also deepening. Today, Duttert's term is close to the end, the new round of elections in the Philippines have kicked off, and the president shall not be elected in accordance with the Philippines law. Although Dutterte has announced the participation of the vice president, there is still many variables. In this context, the Philippines' pro-grace has begun to move.

It should be noted that the new island reef problem involves our territory and sovereignty, which is the basic principle of our diplomatic activities. The Philippines has repeatedly tested and provocative, which has seriously destroyed the good relationship between the parties. Even if the Minister of Foreign Minister, Philippines said, the Philippines is blessed by the United States, and we will not make any concessions in this regard. What's more, the so-called "alliance relationship" in the United States is not strong. From the Afghan dismantle, it is enough to see the selfish nature of the United States. The US and the Philippines have a mutual access forces regulations, from the content, it is entirely an unequal treaty. According to the regulations, the US troops can log in directly in the Philippine port, if necessary, can even be stationed directly. The United States value this alliance relationship is to promote the so-called Asia-Pacific strategic plan. In the final analysis, the United States considered is only its own interests. If the Philippines repeatedly provocation, the United States is unlikely to provide substantive support for the Philippines.