"Magical Country"!This is the real power of India. We all have been in the drum.

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"Magical Country"!This is the real power of India. We all have been in the drum.

2021-11-26 06:05:43 7 ℃

Speaking of this "magical country" in India, many people's impression of India except for the environment "dirty chaos", there is "confidence", and a motorcycle can carry several people, build a plane wearing slippers, etc. " Wonderful "behavior. It can be said that only what we can't think of, no India cannot do. Therefore, under the foreign media report, India did not seem to have a good image, and even more than "reverse teaching materials" by each country. However, the facts are unexpected. Many people say that we are all deceived, and India is an ambitious country, whether in the military or economical, compared to many countries.

India as the world's second population big country, the least people, so India's military scale is not small. It is understood that the total force of the Sanquan of the Sail and Emperor India has nearly 1.3 million, ranking fourth in the world, with time, India's strength is still increasing year by year. Moreover, the Indian army began to transform to modernization very early. Among them, the size of the Indian Army is the greatest in the three armies. The army's force has nearly 11.3 million, and the Indian army has a nuclear strike capacity. On the good state of the Army's development momentum, India also focused on the focus of the aircraft carrier of the domain power.

In addition to the 113,000 land army, India also has nearly 170,000 air force and 70,000 Navy. Although India's land and land two armies have not much, but it is equipped with nearly 155 various types of marine combat weapons, and in recent years, India has always actively develops aircraft carrier, which shows that India's sea combat strength is not bad. Let's talk about the Air Force of India. In recent years, India has actively cooperated with the United States and Russia, often spending a big price to buy new weapons. Nowadays, thousands of new fighters in the weapons in India, plus India 17 Wan Jingrui, it can be said that India's air force strength has passed some countries.

Then talk about India's economic strength. There are more people mean that labor is much, India is a population of 1.3 billion countries, and the least people are people. In recent years, with the reform of Indian economic liberalization, India has become one of the fastest growing countries in the world.

Carefully view, India's strength, there is no weaker, and even one can even say one of the strong countries in the Asian region, but why India always looks small by the outside world?

Say that the main reason is still in India itself. As we all know, India's foundation is very weak in military fields, and many weapons need to import abroad. However, India's imported weapons are not like other countries. When purchasing weapons, they will consider whether the fighters are suitable for their own use. India purchase weapons, will only consider this weapon is not advanced, it can be said that as long as the weapons are advanced, India will sell iron will also buy iron. It doesn't consider your own national conditions at all. It is understood that the Indian defense budget is now as high as $ 46.8 billion, in fact, India's investment in military spending is much higher than this budget.

In addition, India is always "blind self-confidence", which is clear that it is not allowed to do more than a range. In other words, the Indian military workers did not build the ability of "Manned Space" spacecraft, but it has already put forward the construction of the construction space station after the establishment of the successful space plan. India not only does not reflect, but in exaggerating its own strength, the more far, this is no wonder that countries are impressed by India. But in the end, even if so, India's comprehensive strength is not to be underestimated, we still have to be vigilant, do national defense construction.