The more self-defeating counterattack, my special scouts use 啥 equipment?

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The more self-defeating counterattack, my special scouts use 啥 equipment?

2021-11-26 06:05:57 12 ℃

In the counter-attack battle, the Vietnamese special worker tailored to the border our side, the day and night constant, the main object of its attack is a worse force for the artillery of our army, the health logistics unit and other defense capabilities, take Tactical tactics that hit; the local village cadres were identified, kidnapped, killing the creation panic, threatening my border, did not dare to participate in the battle of defending borders. The Vietnamese special service team is mad in the Sino-Vietnamese border, using large teams to deal with them, so that the missiles are trying to make any effect. A long border line, a complex terrain environment, gave the Vietnamese agent to sneak into the best conditions for the terrorist activities in our country. In this case in this case, my Special Forces Reconnaissance Brigade came into being.

Scouts in the implementation of combat missions

A small scouting of the war

Usually the special forces reconnaissance brigade is connected to units, including three reconnaissance rows, sometimes according to the needs of combat, then strengthen a fireproof. Three reconnaissance rows, one, two rows of special forces reconnaissance row, three rows of reconnaissance row. Special forces reconnaissance row is composed of physical quality, reactive, tactics, tactics, strong tactics, with 56-Type 7.62 mm iron support folding charge gun, 79-type 7.62 mm Tieto light press, 85-type 7.62 Millimeter Ribuo folding microcontrol gun, 85-type 7.62 mm sniper rifle. The drain is equipped with a 54-type 7.62 mm semi-automatic pistol and a 67-grade 7.62 mm microphone.

56-1 assault gun

79 assault gun

85-type 7.62 mm micronic sound gun

Domestic 85-type 7.62 mm sniper rifle

54-style pistol

The technical reconnaissance row is composed of professional and technical civil artworks that have a professional and technical forces of photographs, imaging, telephoto distance, and sight observation. It is mainly to take pictures of combat territories, work, arming, and enemy activities, etc. Intelligence information available for reference.

83-style hand-held micro-light night vision

Thermal Power is composed of engineering classes, communication classes, heavy machine guns, mortal guns.

Workie class is equipped with a Germany, with world leaders, high sensitivity, and a molten metal can be detected. The communication class is equipped with 15 tiles, strong confidentiality, and invested in Vietnam to enroll in the reconnaissance task, mainly relying on 15 tiles and rear, and reports reconnaissance. The heavy machine guns are mainly equipped with 67-2 grades 7.62 mm universal heavy machine guns, mainly used to cover the reconnaissance soldiers to complete the operational tasks. The mortar shot is equipped with 67-style 82 mm mortar guns, mainly used to destroy enemy's strong firepower points, suppress enemy firepower.

67-2 universal machine gun

67-style 82 mm mortar

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