Only to report to China, ignore the US sanctions, the whole production line is sending, not Ukraine

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Only to report to China, ignore the US sanctions, the whole production line is sending, not Ukraine

2021-11-26 12:04:52 36 ℃

At this stage, my country's development speed and the achievements of the achievements have been obvious. In many countries' list, my country has rushed to the world's forefront, which insecure my country's scientific research personnel, and some countries have in the process. To provide us with certain technical support, such as Ukraine we are familiar with Ukraine, Ukraine has inherited a large number of military heritage. We have maintained friendly cooperative relations with Ukraine. Ukraine also provides us with thousands of key technologies. I have provided a great help for the development of our national military. However, there is also a European country that has also pour a harmonic, completely ignoring the US sanctions, selling core technology to us, even the entire production line is sent to send, the outside world is also derogatory than Ukraine.

This country is Belarus, and they are one of the Soviet Unions, and they are so generous for us, not completely considering interests, just to report to us, so US Russia and other countries are useless.

We all know that the Soviet Union and the United States have conducted a thrilling armament competition. During the period, both countries have developed a large number of advanced weapons and equipment, especially the Soviet Union, and develop a lot of black technology. Many equipment is very long. Inheriting the research of the Most of the Soviet Uniform Heritage is very prominent, the Russian army attaches great importance to the research of various types of missiles. For land-based missiles, the missile launcher is also very important equipment, not only can resist the opponent At the same time, it is also necessary to withstand the powerful rear sitrs during missiles. Russia's current missile cars are provided by Belarus. It is very powerful. It can travel freely in extremely harsh environments. In the case of war, it is fully able to meet the emission demand of Intercontinental missiles. .

After the Soviet Union, Belarus inherited the core technology of the missile launcher, but Belarus sold this core technology to us, and solved a big problem for our country. It is understood that in 2010, the country also transferred the technology of automated transmission to us, taking advantage of bringing the entire production line to send, it can be seen, the two countries have a deep friendship. It is very rare to sell the core technology of weapons and equipment. It is very rare internationally. A large number of advanced technology gave us a lot of help.

And all of this started from the Soviet Union, our aid, many new independent countries have faced a serious economic crisis after the Soviet Union, this time, my country's decisiveness, and reached a large number of cooperation, helping white Russia crossing the crisis. After that, white Russia has always remembered this kind of love in mind, maintaining close relationships with us.