"Out of the Ocean" again!India's domestic aircraft carrier sea trial exposed hidden dangers, poured a president of cold water

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"Out of the Ocean" again!India's domestic aircraft carrier sea trial exposed hidden dangers, poured a president of cold water

2021-11-26 12:06:10 34 ℃

Although the world has basically realized peace, the military development is still very important for countries, after all, there is instability in the war, and even some remains of the World War II still exist. In this context, the war is like buried bombs under the ground. Subsequently, it is possible to explode. With the development of science and technology, many countries currently think of military development as the top priority of the country, including India, India as the population big country in Asian countries, and has been in military development. Why is it to vomit by an outside world?

In fact, most of the weapons and equipment from India are from the United States and Russia, and the two countries are the current two major military power in the world. The weapons developed are also the most advanced. In this way, India will continue to buy weapons. With the increase of weapons, India believes that their strength is strong enough, but the outside world is not recognized. The outside world believes that a country must develop into a strong country, and we must first have its own ability to develop, and this point India is obviously not reached. However, it is worth noting that India is not willing, and then plan to develop aircraft carrier.

In modern times, the aircraft carrier has become a strong indicator for a country, which is also developed as a aircraft carrier as an Asian population. Previously, India's first domestic aircraft carrier leaving the Gao Zhigang and began to carry out the second stage. Indian President attaches great importance to the "Victor", and India will become one of the few countries in the world that can make the aircraft carrier in the world. India's international status must be greatly improved, but accidents It is, but the reality has quickly poured a pot of cold water in India.

It is reported that when the "Wickland" aircraft carrier, a large number of oils appeared on the water, which shows that the "Wiklant" aircraft carrier is likely to have a major safety hazard of "oil leak". After learning this situation, the outside world has launched a fierce discussion. To know that in order to ensure the combat power, a aircraft carrier will carry hundreds of lubricants and fuel, whether it is fuel leak or lubricating oil leak, will cause the ocean that can't recover the consequences . This happened, it demonstrates that there is a problem in the design or loss of Indian hull.

In general, the second sea trial is not going well. In fact, for India, it is fortunate to date in time, which is said, mainly because the aircraft carrier as a large water combat ship, usually carrying dozens of combat aircraft and thousands of soldiers, if fuel leaks occur, only one point Mars can make the entire aircraft carrier, but will not only lose the aircraft carrier, but also lose a lot of carrier and soldiers, which are unable to bear the consequences of which country. It is worth mentioning that before, Zhang Zhaozhong once predicted that India's aircraft carrier should have problems, and it is true that it is true!