S-400 takes out the US Russian-Russian "grievances", repeatedly jumped between the two countries, Moti thought beautiful

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S-400 takes out the US Russian-Russian "grievances", repeatedly jumped between the two countries, Moti thought beautiful

2021-11-26 18:05:41 27 ℃

Recently, the Russian Federal Military Technical Cooperation Bureau announced that Russia has begun to deliver S-400 air defense missile systems to India. In 2018, this military purchase contract was signed in 2018, India cost 5.4 billion US dollars to purchase 5 sets of Russian state-of-the-art S-400 air defense missile systems. At present, some S-400 system components have arrived in India, and it is expected that India will continue to deploy at least two sets of S-400 systems will continue to be deployed next year.

The news is just out, the dynamics can't help but joy, the first time to claim that the first S-400 air defense system arrived in India will be deployed in the West Line, which is used to fight China and Pakistan. ".

However, this military purchase contract in Indo, but hurts the heart of the United States. It is understood that after the contract was just signed a week, the United States requested India to tear contracts, otherwise it will sanctions India according to "sanctions against the US enemy law".

A weapon system contract, but it took out the "Kill" between the Three Kingdoms.

The reason for this "sad" is that India purchases the Russian weapon to undermine the United States sanctions Russia's overall situation, and the United States is not willing to see India to continue to go to Russia.

In fact, in the cold war period, the United States and India's links are not close. In the late 190s, India has made Indians to remember the Indians since the manufacturing nuclear weapons. Today, India and the United States can reach consensus on "anti-China", let each other "can't make each other".

The link between the Mare is getting closer in Trump. On February 24, 2020, Trump came to India New Delhi. Two-day state visit, and the two sides signed a joint statement and covering psychology. The memorandum of understanding in the field of health, medical products and energy cooperation has also finalized a $ 3 billion military sales agreement. Although the US print is frequent, the differences on the two countries in trade, military sales are still difficult to eliminate. The combination of both parties is a pure interest combination, because of "fighting China", there is no great coincidence in economic interests, and India hopes to use the United States to go to China, and the United States hopes that India hopes India to become anti-China position.

For India's purchase of Russian weapons S-400, the United States is actually tangled. On the one hand, the United States wants to sanction in India, which believes that the transactions between India and Russia have seriously affected the partnership between the two sides; on the other hand, India is an important part of the United States, and is an important part of the US strategy. Partners, and "in the confrontation of China, India is very important." Therefore, the United States wants to sanction India, and its domestic is opposed to the sound.

Last year, the United States had implemented sanctions against Turkey due to the purchase of S-400 in Turkey. Today, India has done this. The two senators in the United States worry that this will trigger the US government's sanctions against India, so they urged President of Biden to give up the application of sanctions against India, "said" God of sanctions is the urgency of national security. "They warned "If the sanctions are implemented, cooperation with India will be damaged and the expected purpose of preventing the Russian military sales will not be achieved."

In recent years, India has begun to reduce military equipment from Russia. From 2016 to 2020, Russia fell by 53% to India's weapons; on the other hand, India and the US defense transactions have been increased, and the sales of 2020 fiscal year The amount is $ 3.4 billion.

So why India is not fully turned from the United States to buy weapons and equipment? It is not Modei that is not willing, after all, the US weapon does have an advantage, but it has always been "宰" in the military transaction, it is completely a big head in India. For example, in the past, India and the United States signed 30 MQ-9B drones military procurement agreements, the US actually opened the lion, and received 3 billion US dollars in India with 1 billion US dollars. Have to say, this price is expensive than the US military purchase of F-35A stealth fighters. Therefore, this is also one of the reasons why India has always been unwilling to buy weapons to the United States.

Second, over the years, Russia is still the main source of the Yin army weapon library. As early as the Soviet period, India was the largest buying country of Russian weapons. Based on geopolitical common interests and arms sales profits, Russia is willing to sell advanced weapons to India. In India, Russia is a traditional friendly country, and there is a long history of military cooperation and military mutual trust between Russian printed. Most weapons and equipment in India come from Russia, the main battle tank of the Indian Army is Russium T-72M1 and T. -90S tank; four of the 10 missile destroyers in the Indian Navy, 6 ships in 17 frigate and the aircraft carrier "Victa Matia" are purchased from Russia; 667 fixed-wing fighters in the Indian Air Force, 71% From Russia and so on. It can be said that India's dependence on the Russian weapon, "If there is no Russia to provide the weapon equipment, the military equipment will not work effectively".

India's dependence on Russia means that India will be sinned in the United States even in some interests, and they are reluctant to alienate in Russia. Because this security, only Russia can provide it.

In the United States, in India, more importantly, borrows it to deal with China. For the need to curb China's rise and draw India, the United States has been "pull the bias" in the unfair position on the China-Indian border issue. For example, in May 2020, it is clear that the printed cross-border is provoking events. The US Department of Defense will "set the pot" for the reasons of the Chinese printed to China, and provide the satellite image in the border area in the border area of ​​the border area. On the one hand, India is "unclear" in the United States, and I don't want to let go of Russia. I hope that Russia will choose myself before China and I will fight against China. However, this is not realistic. China is a very important cooperation country for Russia. Although Russia does not want to be sinful India, India is its largest weapon exporter, but China is more important, China is more important, so, Russia is not in the middle of printing, but it must not be It will be guilty for India.

India hopes that the "wishful abutment" in Russia will not have a long time. US contradictions are difficult to eliminate, this is the biggest obstacle to India's left and right in US Russia. Throughout the human geopolitical game and the history of war, the position of a country is either neutral, either join a party in the alliance, bet on both sides of the country or the national alliance, both sides have been profitable, have not had a precedent. Today, the United States has gradually excluded India in its plan, first "Sifang Talks" is "Beauty, Japanese, Indian, Australia" into "Beauty, Japan, Australia, India"; in the recent beauty, English In the "Okus" mechanism "Okus", India in the "Quartet Talks" mechanism is substantially excluded. If India still insists on repeated jump between US Russia, the result is likely to "don't want to be good" on both sides, and eventually lost in the "Fire Sea" in both parties.