Canadian agent defense staff "turn"

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Canadian agent defense staff "turn"

2021-11-26 18:07:08 35 ℃

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China's new network Toronto November 25 (Reporter Yu Rui Dong) After 9 months of the Canadian Agency Defense President, Wayne Eye won the official appointment of Trodo, with Prime Minister, November 25. The country's highest military commander.

Defense Chief Responsible for the command, control and management of the Canadian army, as well as military strategies, programs, etc.

Previously, the Canadian military involved in the exposure of the high-level sexual behavior, including connecting two national defense staff and investigated.

Jonathan Wanzon retired in mid-this year, and soon he had accused of "improper behavior" in the middle of this year. At the end of the Royal Naval Commander, At the end of Defense staff, only 41 days later, it was resigned in late February due to suspected "wrong behavior". Wayne El of the Original Army Commander was appointed as a representation of national defense staff. El will be promoted to the above August this year.

Trodo said that as a national defense staff, El will continue to work hard to transform the military culture to ensure zero tolerance of sexual behavior and harassment, and eliminate hatred behavior and systematic racism.

The Minister of Defense Anne Tita, Nitta, said that he will continue to work together with El, and the construction of all members is safe and protected and respectful.

In the newly located in the new cabinet in the next month, the original public service and the minister of the Minister of Public Service and the Minister of Procurement have been the Secretary of Defense, and become the second female anti-leader in Canada after the premiell of Prime Minister.

The Statistics submitted to the House of Representatives in the first half of this year, and the military has recorded 581 sectual invasion and 221 sectual harassment reports over the past five years.

The Canadian Governor is the highest commander of the armed forces in the form of the country, and the Prime Minister is actually the highest commander, the Minister of Defense is responsible for the construction of armed forces and leads the national forces with the assistance of the National Defense Participants.