Do not use nuclear weapons, who will win in the US and Russia?Expert: Don't be fooled by TV.

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Do not use nuclear weapons, who will win in the US and Russia?Expert: Don't be fooled by TV.

2021-11-26 18:07:11 36 ℃

Some people think that the Third World War is likely to be launched around the two military strengths in the United States and Russia. So, under the premise of the two sides, US and Russia will win? Experts say big things: Don't be fooled by TV.

After the end of the Second World War, although there are still war and conflicts in various corners of the world, the overall safety situation in the world still presents a peaceful and stable situation. It is feared that the countries are concerned that the new crown epidemics have continued to pose the relationship between countries in some countries headed by the United States, so that the global political situation tends to be tense. According to US media reports, US intelligence officials warn Europe allies, Russia may have conflict with Ukraine, and the coldable weather is, the greater the possibility of weather. Previously, the Russian News Agency reported that the United States provided approximately 80 tons of ammunition to Ukraine. Austin, USA, said that Washington has funded more than $ 2.5 billion since 2014, support Ukrainian armed forces, and the White House has approved to provide new package military assistance to Ukraine, with a total amount of 60 million US dollars.

External worries, the United States's actions is likely to further excoriate the contradiction between Western world and Russia. So once the war, who may get victory in the US and Russia? From the power of the Army, Russia's strength is not underestimated. Russia's predecessors can sweep the entire European, inheriting the Soviet Union's Russia's Soviet Union, the army is huge, the armored combat power is called "steel flood" ".

However, in modern war, powerful land army is unable to directly determine the victory of the war. Once the email, tanks, armored vehicles will become targeted. In terms of air force, the United States is more advantageous than Russia, not only the number of military machines far exceeds Russia, but also equipped with the highest number of fifth-generation fighters in the world. It is worth mentioning that the United States is also the only country in the world to serve two stealth fighters at the same time, and the only country developed a B-2 stealth strategy bomber.

Navy, the United States is more difficult to surpass. The United States is the country with the largest number of nuclear power aircraft carriers, and 11 nuclear power vehicles are almost universal. In addition, the United States also has 9 amphibious attack ships that can take off and landing F-35B fighters, a large number of nuclear submarines, destroyers, frigate. Whether it is the quantity of the warship or tonnage, the United States is more advantageous than Russia. More importantly, the United States also has many military ally support.

Experts said that if only conventional weapons are used, Russia is difficult to be in the wind in the war. Although Russia now develops a large number of advanced weapons including high supersonic missiles, nuclear weapons are still the most important victory in Russia.