Taiwan released the Defense Report for 2021, and the evaluation of the People's Liberation Army is considerable.

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Taiwan released the Defense Report for 2021, and the evaluation of the People's Liberation Army is considerable.

2021-11-27 00:05:56 35 ℃

Taiwan released the Defense Report for 2021, and the evaluation of the People's Liberation Army is quite considerable, and the Hanguang exercise soldiers push the Taiwan army counterattack the plot of the mainland. It is said that he listens to who listen.

Just a few days after the US Department of Defense issued the Chinese military report, the Taiwan Pseudo "National Defense" also took the cat and painted, on November 9, released a "2021 National Defense Report". This report is stinky, the biggest impression is to mention the United States, the assessment of the military forces in the mainland, and also the information provided by the United States. Of course, this report side of Taiwan is different compared to the US Department of Defense China. The Taiwan authorities have not cared for many strategic weapons of the People's Liberation Army, because they are clear, those atomic bombs will not be used in Taiwan's heads, most remote weapons, including medium remote and intercontinental missiles, remote cruise missiles, anti-ship ballistic missiles It is basically not prepared for Taiwan. Most of Taiwan are covered by the PLA remote rocket gun, why should the PLA use more expensive distance missiles?

The focus of this report is the intelligence, monitoring and reconnaissance capability of the People's Liberation Army, and is placed at the beginning of the report. According to the multi-field means of land, ocean, air and space, its intelligence collection coverage will expand, Taiwan's military activities and battlefield intelligence preparation (IPB) will be monitored. At the same time, it also said that the Liberation Army is deploying the mid-course, remotely attacking, anti-ship ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, and regularly dispatching the Navy's aircraft carrier and airborne bomber to the West Pacific to carry out aerial and sea island chain joint operation training. "Report" The Activities "constitutes military threats to neighboring countries in the Indian Ocean - Pacific, aimed to prevent foreign forces from any intervention in the first and second island chains." One of the conclusions of this document is that in the crisis, the PLA will be able to cut off the links between Taiwan and the outside world. The document said: "At present, the Chinese People's Liberation Army has the ability to jointly block the key ports, airports and exit routes of Taiwan, cut off Taiwan's aerial and sea communication lines, affecting the transportation of Taiwan military materials and logistics resources, and reducing Taiwan's operations. sex."

The conclusion of this report is also very clear, it can be said to be objective: if the PLA has launched military operations on Taiwan, the Taiwan authorities are unable to resist, and they must rely on foreign assistance, especially the US assistance. Based on this recognition, the report said that the People's Liberation Army is getting the abilities of the foreign army from entering the surrounding area of ​​Taiwan through regional blockade. This is simply helped to the United States. It is no wonder that the US "National Interest" website has gone a title for this report: "Taiwan assessing China's military capabilities, the result is very scent".

Many netizens may remember that in the Taiwan Hanguang 37 computer play chess in April, the Taiwan National Army was washed in the mainland's twenty wave of Dongfeng, and the war was perfectly preserved, and in subsequent landing In combat, use the Liberation Army to lose the heavy loss, and finally, with the remote cruise missile to counterattack the mainland, crack down on the second wave of the People's Liberation Army, the final continental attack station failed, Taiwan has achieved great victory in tiny costs. They are all self-directed research reports from the Taiwan Pseudo-Demison Department, and the time interval is also soon, why is the difference between the conclusion?

A small detail, caught our attention, Taiwan issued a national defense report to a national defense report to only Chinese version, but this year, the Taiwan authorities also released the English version. Their intention is actually a group to understand: give the master. So, give the master's report, of course, it is important to objectively, otherwise the United States can counterattack the mainland, I still come to rescue, save the mainland? Of course, if the report is terrible, what should I do if the United States does not dare? Therefore, it is best to objectively. But what happened to the Hanguangjun? That is to give Cai Yingwen and the people in the island, of course, the national army invincible, mainland incompetence.

However, an interesting question is that what happened to see these two reports? On the side of the anti-standing counterattack, counterattack the mainland, while the mainland is in the mastery, which is credible, I believe there is a book in the Heavy. It's definitely, but why do you want to be cannon? What if the US Dad does not support support? In particular, although the US Navy minister does not allow the continent to unify Taiwan, the words have turned again and said that the United States will not fight with China. The possibility of this does not support is too high. Is the Taiwan military dare to gambling?