Sniper, place!

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Sniper, place!

2021-11-27 00:05:46 41 ℃

After the enemy is penetrated, the remote blow, accurate sniper ...

Early Winter Festival, Bohai Bay

Marine Corps A tour organization sniper team

Carry out red blue confrontation integrated drill

"Drone report, southeast, distance 1.5 km,

There is a small share 'enemy' love around a waste building ... "

Red party observers take the lead in the latest battlefield situation

at the same time

The Blue Squioship Group has also been pressed.

"The assault is before, the sniper is behind,

Quickly forward, implement the 'enemy'! "

Night fall, red sniper group

Follow the firepower configuration to the target near the target

"Humidity xx, wind direction XX, wind speed xx ..."

Blue party observers rapid report


Upper, aim, firing ...

Blue Squioship Group takes the lead in winning your opponent

Attack and defense, reconnaissance and anti-reconnaissance,

Sniper and anti-sniper ...

In the drill, both parties confront

Mutual opponents, interactive insurance

Synchronize synchronization in the confrontation of dangerous feet

Continuously enhance the targeted and scientificity of fighting exercises

Next, the tour plan is constantly increasing

Strengthening the strength difficulty in confrontation

In complex and variable environments

Further tempering improvement

The penetration capability of the sniper team,

Scouting ability, cracking ability

Please indicate the source!

Monitor: Ou Can Zhang Xiaohui

Monitor: Yan Shan Xifei

Responsible: Zhao Xiaoyu Chahrenhao