The war is constantly, when will the Middle East be peaceful?Iran expert: only one country can calm down

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The war is constantly, when will the Middle East be peaceful?Iran expert: only one country can calm down

2021-11-27 00:05:46 39 ℃

For all, the Middle East is not peaceful, and the war of the year has made this original beautiful and rich place to become "world gunpowder barrels", but with the evacuation of the US military to the Middle East, it is a temporary peace in the Middle East, but unstable factors still Existence, Iranian military experts bluntly: If you want to restore peace in the Middle East, only one country can do it.

Referring to the Middle East, the first thing I want is the war, hunger and poverty, and the war of the year, let this of the beautiful area for thousands of holes, why is the Middle East erupted war? The reason is intricate, first of all, the country is religious, the country in the Middle East beliefs that religion, most of the war in the Middle East is caused by religion, one is the oil problem, the Middle East is rich in oil resources, However, it is this fat, so that the mid-, the Middle East, which has turmoil has become an important place of the big country, from the Cold War to now, the United States and Russian countries have been stationed in the Middle East, in addition to establishing their own military bases, the most important It is the oil of this treasure, because with the increasing depletion of resources, who has mastered oil resources, who will win in this competition.

It has always been, the living environment of seeking a stable life is the heart of the people of the world. It is more precious for the people in the Middle East. With the evacuation of the US military to the Afghanistan, the Afghanistan ushered in a short stability, but a wave of unparalleled waves The new competition begins again. The Middle East seems to be never yet, and therefore, people will make a doubt, how can we make the Middle East a peaceful day? In this regard, the Iranian expert bluntly: If the Middle East ushered in peace, only one country in the world can do, this is the United States.

Why is the United States? It turns out that although the Middle East is in the middle of the country, it is just the local contradiction, but the United States will like to walk around the strong military strength in various countries. As long as it can bring interests to the United States, it is willing to cross a foot, which is Because of the powerful strength of the United States, secretly supporting some countries to make the Middle East to war. Among them, the most US aid is the most solid allies in the United States. It is the most solid allies in the United States, because there is a US support, after the end of the World War, it has become the most tough country in the Middle East, with "Middle East Tiger" The title is a large number of contradictions in the Middle East, and it has also taken a lot of benefits in the Middle East.

Israel is the only country in the world. It was persecuted during the World War II, but I didn't think, with the help of the United States, the old abuser became an arrest, became a hindlite of hegemonism, except Israel, there are many The state has become unharitable in the Middle East, so if the United States does not stop inserting a Middle East business, the Middle East will never yet.