Can weadays that have not been instructed by a practical test?What is a practical test?

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Can weadays that have not been instructed by a practical test?What is a practical test?

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When you evaluate the light weapon online, you will see similar arguments from time to time: a gun can not be equipped if you have not been inspected by actual combat.

In fact, this paradox of light weapons is not the first time. If this theory is guided, the R & D and update of light weapons are caught in a first chicken or a dead cycle of eggs.

If a newly developed gun, there is no equipment for the troops; if this shot does not equip the arm, there is no chance to pass the actual test; in order to have the opportunity to get a practical test, it must be equipped; but can be After practical test, the troops can't use it ...

In fact, a problem that a military fan thinks, is it possible to buy this problem? So there will be a requirement, I have to have an indicator, I have to have an acceptance norm. How come these people who have been laughed by some military fans from the college? That is to summarize a variety of use or actual experience, and the user will take into account future possible conditions.

Transform these experiences and requirements into testing standards, through bidding, let suppliers develop or provide weapons that meet these standards in existing products, and then users will test these weapons according to standards, and select the most appropriate (If you meet the indicators, it is naturally the price).

[Figure 1] College's statement

So do you have a practical inspection of the test? It can't be said that there is absolutely no. The M17 / M18 M18 MHS pistol selected in the United States in the first two years is this practice.

MHS projects are seriously delayed, and finally the US Army felt no longer dragged, and hurriedly engaged in bidding. In order to save money, it decided not to spend a few years in the past weapons. Strict experiments and giving options to improve the opportunity of the product, directly to pick a "actual experience" pistol from the ready-made products. So it was very miserable by the thunder.

At first, the M9A3 that was improved by the thunder, I would like to delay the M9A3 of the MHS project, but because the improvement is too late, they read the MHS indicators, which specializes in the APX pistol, and the APX pistol spikes meet the requirements. , Just missing: as a gun just developed, of course, did not pass the actual test. So I will fall.

[Figure 2] MHS model gun by the thunderstorm APX, completely according to the indicator design, but because there is no actual test, it is directly or bureau

The SIG P320 in the MHS project is actually more than two years earlier than the APX, but it is a "actual test" for two years. Therefore, it is a "actual test" for two years. Leave competition. SIG's largest competitor GLOCK 19 is a gun through more practical experience. However, Glock does not meet the "modular" indicator (so the US Army is the college sent to the indicator), plus the offer is more expensive than SIG, so it will be selected. .

[Figure 3] GLOCK 19 MHS sample gun, this model has no actual experience, but this series has actual experience

So SIG did not have a strict test but experienced the actual XM17 pistol for a while, it was no two ... until a US police hit his knee because of his P320. This is the 2017 P320 walkfire event.

[Figure 4] The "tap" test of the guns: the gun tail of P320 will release the knockout, and the gun is just right.

[Figure 5] Because a shredded P320 boom caused by the fire event, for example, the US Army Equipment P320 is to replace the original grenade. Suspected that there is a gentle hand behind this

In fact, P320 also has dropping insurance, and it is impossible to have no drop test in SIG's development process. However, it may not be strict enough for factory trials, and there is no simulation of the fall of the policeman who is knee the knee, and then In the two years of "actual warning", no one fell like this, so the problem did not expose.

But for why didn't you take a hammer when you take a hammer? Who thinks you can use a hammer to knock guilty to simulate the condition of the muzzle? Naturally there is no such test item. (Speaking that there is already a written experience lesson, add this test in future projects)

If the selection method of XM17 MHS is not used instead of "strict test" in "Strong Test", then this problem is also very likely to expose in a reliability test, and there is a chance to correct it before the fixed-time (of course it is likely to be.) . Because the US military has always been very strict.

For example, Dragon Scales that were blown by the supporter merchants more than ten years ago, that is, in the polar trial, it is not adopted. Because the US military believes that the soldiers in Alaska may have to fight in a very low temperature environment, so I have made a zero dozen-degree environment to play with a gun. As a result, the ceramic tablets of the dragon scales are complete because it is constrained. The rubber arranged in the ceramic sheet is inadequate in a low temperature environment.

[Figure 6] Dragon skin that has been braised by soft text, because he was published by domestic magazine translation, so everyone believed in the bragging of the merchant, and there was a time in China for artifacts.

[Figure 7] The left is normal under normal conditions, the ceramic sheet of the dragon is arranged, the right side is the ceramic sheet arrangement after the cold conditions.

After the SIG P320 walked fire, GLOCK immediately jumped out to say that our gun is more reliable, there will be no more things in 360 degrees without dead corners. In fact, Glock herself is also because of DEA's "flying disc test" in 1991, it is almost necessary to pay for money by the United States. The cause of DEA engaged in "Flying Test" is that the Glock 19 of the SUFFOLK County in 1991 was caused by the fire, when the police officer immediately called responsible for the target of the police station. And the police officers managed by guns.

The target field administrator considers that the finger is incorrect with the trigger, but the police officer of the fire is inspiring that he has no "golden finger", so it immediately took the accident pistol to the target. There was no accident in the first and second trips, but the pistol was accidentally crafted again in the third time, and it was continuously shooting 3 rounds.

[Figure 8] Don't say orangutans, I found that there is no golden finger in the Island AV female.

In fact, one such an occasional event is difficult to indicate that the GLOCK pistol is not safe, because there is no report before this before this, there is no detailed inspection of the accident gun afterwards, such as whether it causes improper maintenance How does gun have problems? (In the country, there was a 64 small shot on the gun, and the accident was hired and losing the 6-year-old bullet.

However, this event caused Glock to almost fell into a subtle lawsuit, while DEA worried that this pistol may have a safe hidden danger, so it was a test of an analog pistol drop.

DEA's test is to throw a glock pistol, throwing about 15 feet (about 4 meters), with a drop of about 4 feet (about 1 meter 2), and finally falls on gravel ground or concrete. on the ground. Such tests are probably analog law enforcement personnel who have been stumble or otherwise during the running chase, so that the guns will fall to the ground after the gun, because it is oblique to the pistol, so this test is called " Frisbee Test.

Although the GLOCK pistol has accepted his own drop test, the impact force and impact angle that occurred in the "Flying Plate Test" may not be the same, and the glock pistol can not be tested through the DEA. Since the DEA believes that the GLOCK pistol may have a safety hazard, this leads to GLOCK to lose all US government orders. Fortunately, Glock's public relations are doing well, and in the second year, improved improvements, and implement "product recall", The original pistol replacement parts are "upgraded". The order is maintained.

In fact, this also shows that even after a strict test, it is more than 100% reliable, which does not mean this weapon. Because 100% reliable is not existent, users collect a variety of experiences to transform these things into new requirements in the next bidding, and then let the candidates test. Thus these strictly trial weapons will have a chance to decrease when it is the first time battlefield.

Similarly, you can also explain whether the designer has to go to the battlefield.

[Figure 9]

Many people like the things of Jinjin Lao Kalashnikov, but the old card is tank, not infantry. Didn't he play a pistol on the battlefield in the movie, can you design a reliable automatic rifle?

We can look at the background of other well-known firearms masters: the legendary master Browning is not a one-day soldier, Haler Mark is a inventor, DR. Gutin is a doctor, Baret is a friend. Eugene Stonner with Karashnikov, called the contemporary bun, originally working is aircraft mechanic, never gone on the battlefield. The proud of these people changed the battlefield and the world of our lives, but they did not overcome the battlefield.

The designer who is really a soldier is indeed, such as Dragonov, a shooting athlete skill. However, the SVD he designed was changed by the index of the college.

So many well-known firearms designers have not overturned the battlefield, and what they are designing firearms on what soldiers on the battlefield? Of course, it is based on the indicator of the college.

Where is the index of the college? It is based on the experience of soldiers.

In fact, it is not difficult to understand - even if the designer is really on the battlefield, he is so good, one can experience all the possibilities in the battle, then accumulate experience going back to design? Q: How many lives this designer?

[Figure 10] In the "Kalash Nicov" movie, the experience of the old card with light weapons is to pistol "Kalash Nikov" movie, the old card with light weapons battlefield experience is a pistol

[Figure 11] May 5 ~ 10, 2003 US Army In the Soldiers in the Iraqi War, the US Army Survey on the US Army on May 5 to 10, 2003. Equipment

For an example, from the beginning of 2020, there will be some troops in the propaganda photo or video of the domestic rifle. Some of the number of high-blown new cockles are getting more and more, and then start after a picture begins. Arrange a variety of "analysis". In fact, in 2020, the new rifle has not yet finished the formation process. At that time, the information we saw was not "column", but "trial". It is to try some of the rifles from some trial production, and the different types of units of different settles in the north. They collect their trial advice, and then look at it. "More and more" is to expand the scope of the test. When did you get a birth certificate, it is officially equipped.

[Figure 12] Joint exercise is also a good test opportunity, you can also take AK12 as a control group.

PS: The college party to 抠 indicators said more, or raised MHS examples -

Although the technical requirements of the bidding have not written to a double-shot pistol, if the technical indicators are readily, this implied request will be found. Therefore, the APX engaged in Berretta is a knock-type, more than a dozen choice guns, most of them are all hit, and one of them is changed to the 1911 1911. On the other hand, a double-shot pin pistol does not require manual insurance, but the MHS indicator must have manual insurance.

Why do the Army want this stupid indicator? Because the top of the Army is not just a special forces who use a pistol, there are a large number of instruments, drivers, and cooks (after all, not all the cings are committed to the wrong seals, and the United States's cooking soldiers have not sweeping the traditional tradition), etc. Wait, install a manual insurance can reduce a stupid big army to play the gun. The opportunity (I finally understood why 05 police officer should plus manual insurance, those a year training has not made up the grassroots policeman holding one The pistol without manual insurance is really not very comfortable).

[Figure 13] SIG P320 is originally not manual insurance, but in order to participate in MHS to increase this part

In short, Beretta, Glock, Fn, the double-moving knock-like gun, which added manual insurance, then after these guns fall, they will take this more manual insurance to the civilian market. But in the face of the "college sent" of the US Army, the US Army, how can you not manually insurance?

[Figure 14] Remove the manual insurance of the MHS sample gun, the name of the Glock 19X is sold in the civilian market

Another example will be held, that is the Mason's Masada designed a gun in 4 months of Jinjin.

MAGPUL has been designed for 4 months, and then sells this design to Lyson. Remnock was called ACR, and the result was sold for ten years. Just encountering the IC Carbine of the US Army, I tried the mentality of the grave.

However, the IC's indicators specify that the tube length is 14.5 inches but the weight of 30 shots cannot exceed 8 pounds (about 3.63kg). In the face of the college-sent American Army, Lei Mington, I, Directive, IC. The improvement of the change of the barrel installation is actually saving the combo tongue of the quick-removal tube, and the folding gun reforms can only be expanded because it can save a small steel rod that is rotating. This is usually only talented on the machine gun tube on the barrel.

[Figure 15] Relmington ACR-IC, which costs the empty mind, no way, who is the army 抠 indicator

The MHS project is mentioned in front of the MHS project instead of the test, refers to instead of the test equipment (ie trial) and practical testing, and also shorten the cycle of comparative tests to shorten the completion time of the entire project. However, all participating pistols have been subjected to a basic identification test, which is a strict test according to the indicators in the technical document. There will be a drop test in these tests.

From the perspective of afterwards, it is easy to accuse some indicators, but the designer is the day during work. This truth is the same. It doesn't say human beings, you can help. w