On November 25th, there were 3 things happened in the world: the United States pitted Syria; Marklon wild heart could not hide

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On November 25th, there were 3 things happened in the world: the United States pitted Syria; Marklon wild heart could not hide

2021-11-27 06:02:03 64 ℃

Tree wants and the wind is not!

At the moment, the world is experiencing "a big change in the hundred years", and uncertain unstable factors have increased significantly.

In 2021, it was already the second year of human and epidemic, "post-fed epidemic times", turmoil and uneasiness are still the main melody of the international community.

On November 25th, three things that were worth paying attention were there. Behind every piece, highlights the differences in the current international situation.

The first one, his heart! The United States is pitted in Syria.

On the 25th, Syria revealed the fake face of the United States. The background of things is like this.

On the 10th of this month, the United States aided approximately 3,000 tons of wheat seeds to the farmers in Northeast Syria.

US International Development Agency (USAID) is still in social media, saying that wheat is Syrian pillar agricultural product, the "quality" seeds issued by the United States, will allow Syrian farmers to get 32,000 tons of wheat tomorrow.

USAID also claims that the US generosity will ensure that Syrian people have flour, bread and other wheat products.

It's really better than singing. Since Syria's 2011 burst civil war, the United States has been secretly supporting Syrian opposition armed, and even does not pay attention to government opposition, and illegally embarrassing in Syria.

Now the United States takes the initiative to provide wheat seeds to Syria, is it coming to the west of the sun?

There must be a demon abnormally! Soon, Syria found that this wheat seed problem was heavy.

Syria found that this batch of wheat seeds did not from the United States, but from Turkey.

This is not a big problem. The real problem is that the Syrian agricultural department has founded the seeds and found that 40% of which contained particulate nematode disease.

In other words, 1,200 tons of wheat seeds in the US aid are "bad seeds".

Once the wheat seeds, once the particles are not received, they will also bring agricultural pests and threats to all crops of local sites.

Where is the United States is "generous and good", which is clearly deliberately destroyed Syrian food security. Being behind Syria, behind the wheat seeds, is a conspiracy for Washington's carefully planned.

At present, the Syrian authorities have issued a warning to farmers, do not plant the problem of wheat seeds in US aid.

In recent years, the Syrian government has repeatedly requested the US military to evacuate from within the territory, but the US military not only rely on, but almost plunders other resources such as wheat and oil in Syria.

Only in this year, Syria has repeatedly exposed the US military to use the fleet, caught the car into the car and took the rushed wheat and oil through illegal transit point to the northern Iraq.

Not only do the "national robbers", but also the falsification of "good" to promote "good". The United States has a heart, its line can be delicious!

Have to say, the US military became "crossing the mouse" in the world, not for the reason.

Second, contradictory upgrade! After the Korean officials boarded "Diendao", Japan wants to sue South Korea.

Last week, Jin Changlong, director of the Korean Police Department, mounted to "Diendao" (Japan called "Bamboo Island"). This is a Korean police officer, after 12 years, and once again boarded the Han Day disputed islands.

South Korea has immediately triggered Japan's strong dissatisfaction, and Japanese foreign province issued a statement, saying that the behavior of Korean officials "completely unacceptable" and expressed strong protests.

Subsequently, Japan refused to attend the joint press conference after the US-level meeting of the US-level Minister of Japan, causing the US Deputy Secretary of State to sing "Drama".

I thought that the dispute was here, but Japan also used action prove - this matter is not finished!

On the 25th, the Japanese self-employment department and other departments established a policy to form a group specializing in the "Dengdao" of Jin Changlong, discussing "punishment measures" in Korea.

According to Japanese media, the team is considering in the United Nations International Trial Court in South Korea.

It is interesting that Japan is not idle in Korea when it is "aggressive".

On the same day, South Korea's "Central Daily" comment said that Japan's practice, attempted to change the "Diendao" actually controlled by South Korea to international issues to convert the land into a dispute area.

In the report, the Central Daily also posted a photo of the Speaker "Beautiful Excellent".

It is worth noting that this is not Japan's first time to make "Delin Island" issue on the International Tribunal.

In 2012, when the Korean President Li Mingbo boarded "Diendao", Japan will subsequently file a lawsuit to the International Court and inform the Korean Government.

However, South Korea has not taken care of Japan, and the "no response value" is refused to accept the prosecution. This matter will not be.

What is more worth noting is that Japan and South Korea are more fiercely fierce, but as "old brother", the United States has played missing, so far.

In fact, Washington wants to intervene. After all, Japan and South Korea are an important allies in the Asia Pacific, and they are not allowed to be saved. It is very unfavorable to the United States and Korean alliance.

But the problem is that Japan and South Korea claim that "Delin Island" is its own territory, which is almost a problem that cannot be harmonious.

Regardless of how the United States mediates, there will always be a party that is not satisfied.

Have to say, Japan and South Korea have a lot of people.

Third, to do the EU personnel? Mark's ambitions can't hide.

On the 25th, I have experienced a long consultation, the German Socialist Party, the Green Party and the Self-Party Agreement, and the Third Party will form a joint government.

Shurtz candidates will be officially taken in December to become new German prime ministers in early December. On the same day, Markon visited Italy, meeting with Italian Prime Minister Draghi and President Matalera. It is reported that the French will also sign a friendly treaty "Quirlina Treaty on Friday".

As two Mediterranean countries, France and Italy have long been closely related. The time point of Marklon visits this time, it is more worth it.

Although French is the EU dominates, but due to Merkel's ruling, Germany always covers the French half. This makes the French that is expensive for the United Nations.

Now, Merkel's departure makes Markon see the opportunity. After all, the entire EU is not suitable for the "EU" character than him.

As for Marklon, why choose Italy, on the one hand, considering Italy in the European Union, there is a country with a more voice and influence.

On the other hand, Italy Prime Minister Dragi has a good governance word of mouth, which is also more agreement with Mark's European "Strategic Independent" strategy than other EU leaders.

From the "Submarine Crisis", it appeal to the EU to get rid of the US dependence and then build a "European Union". In recent months, Markon's ambitions have not even masked.

However, next year, France will also usher in the year. At present, there is a "Trump" that is known as the red public figure Zemmur, and the support rate has soared (18% -19%), second only to Markon (23%-24%).

Marklon wants to pass the microphone of the EU in Merkel, you must pass the general election.

However, the words come back, and Merkel's leaders of "phenomenon" leaders are a huge loss for the EU.

Who can pick up the future of the EU, is still an unknown.