China Radar is precisely captured, stealth fighters are nowhere to escape, and the Pentagon is also difficult to think.

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China Radar is precisely captured, stealth fighters are nowhere to escape, and the Pentagon is also difficult to think.

2021-11-27 06:02:03 36 ℃

The United States is always provoked in the sea area as a military strong country, and has made many sea exercises with huge aircraft carriers and quantities. The US F-35B fighter takes the British Royal Navy's aircraft carrier to the Indian Ocean - Pacific region is also the performance of the United States to continue to strengthen the deployment of sea five generations. According to news, the British "Elizabeth" aircraft carrier is also preparing to visit India, Japan and other countries, and the deployed F-35B fighter is also training in an orderly manner. The US is in the case, the US Britain will form the largest five-generation shipboard for the world. This will form military oppression on the Asia-Pacific region.

But in fact, the US F-35 fighter performance did not excere, there is always a variety of issues. The United States also issued the last passage, if there is a similar problem, it will re-consider replace this item. Compared to F-35 fighters, F-22 stealth fighters seem to be more popular with US military.

F-22 invasive fighters are a high stealth performance fighter. He also has both sensitivity, stealth performance, accuracy is also very accurate, whether it is in the air, or the ground is a performance best fighter. The general radar is also difficult to monitor his figure, but it also has a failure. F-22 invasive fighters although there is nothing worthy of disease during service, it often creates crash events. This fighter has been discovered by our radar, and tracks the flight trajectory of the fighter, and can clearly see the outline of this fighter. Even the United States did not expect that "myth" "I" myth "" is "myth" in my country, it is easy to lock the goal first. Even the foreign media also ridiculed the US military fighters.

my country's "Jilin No. 1" is the core project of my country and starts launch in 2018. It is an optical remote sensing satellite constellation, a high-time resolution and high spatial resolution information acquisition platform. Its recognition accuracy exceeds 95%, which can be used to many fields in life, information capture fast, can be covered Is wide. It is such a full-scale satellite in our lives to capture and track the USA stealth fighters. It is more worth mentioning that the F-22 invasive fighters are more than 500 kilometers from our "Jilin No. 1" distance, which is enough to prove the importance of optical remote sensing technology in actual combat.

It is reported that "Jilin No. 1" is no longer the first discovery of military goals, and has also lived in the picture of the US aircraft carrier into the port and the US military patrols, airport departments. The United States is still a strong military powerful country, which is unquestionable, but this also explains my country's military defense capabilities, and it is not inferior to the United States. my country has also continued to work hard, and believe that there will be more powerful strength in the future.