100,000 Russian soldiers are crushing!Ukrainian commander warns the law: You must always prepare to fight with the Russian army.

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100,000 Russian soldiers are crushing!Ukrainian commander warns the law: You must always prepare to fight with the Russian army.

2021-11-27 12:02:02 28 ℃

On November 19, according to the latest news of Western media, since the explosion of the internal crisis in the Ukraine, Russia quickly fell into sharp contradictions in the Western camp, which led to the continued turmoil of the geopolitical pattern. In response to the provocation of the Western countries, Russia continued to implement the troops to the Ukrainian border, and this to west exhibited a huge military deterrent. In the face of unfavorable trends of the majors, the Ukrainian military high-level rapidly is pressing French to urge NATO to step up the madrower of Russia.

With the disintegration of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, the world's pattern has undergone extremely profound changes, thus creating new historical opportunities for big countries. Under the promotion of the United States, NATO immediately conducts strength radiation east, continuously squeezing the exterior survival space outside the Russia. During the period, the United States had a coup in many of the "director" of the former Soviet Union, so that the western forces will go to the stage and take this to complete the re-layout. For example, in the United States, the Caucasian, the small Caucasus, Garria, under Samashvili, completely reversing the Western camp, in order to compete for the South Ossetia, do not hesitate to play with Russia.

Under the province of Western Forces, many countries in the strategic clamps in the national strategy are taken from their own safety. In the process of playing the role of the wall, they have taken the Western strategy, such as Ukraine is a typical representative. As early as the Several period of Yanyukich, Ukraine firmly implemented the Division of the Division for their own interests, but as the United States continued to intervene, the country was here to integrate into the development trend of the West. In 2014, Ukraine broke out the civil strife in overthrowing the current regime, and Krimia, which had an independent heart, took advantage of Russia in a referendum.

Under the influence of the event, Russia has developed rapidly with Ukraine relations, and the two sides have fallen into the real risk of war. In order to maintain their dignity, Ukraine has to fight against Russia with the United States and NATO power to compete for the leadership of the Crimea region. During this time, the Ukrainian authorities continue to obtain Western-style equipment such as FGM-148 javelin individuals, but also have a large number of military training. At the same time, the Ukrainian military has frequently tried advanced missiles in the territory to improve deterrent. Since Sunsetchi, Ukraine is getting stronger and firm in implementing anti-Russia strategies, causing extensive attention from outside. For example, soon, Ukraine went to the border to solve the East Wu rebel forces, and quickly assembled the heavy military to the border, which opened a large-scale military operation.

In response to the above actions in Ukraine and NATO, Russia fully plays a full-scale spirit and evacuation to the other party. During the period, Russia gave multiple group army to the border between the two countries, the strength of the force up to 100,000, causing the majors of the soldiers, and continued to give the opponent to strong pressure. For the above situation, a recent Ukrainian military high-level high-level issuance, reminding NATO to step up the steps of action, fully mobilize the strength of all parties to address the comprehensive war of the same Russia. In a lot of netizens, as the situation is getting tight, Russia will slide the more dangerous edge between the upgrade of the NATO.